Conservative Leaders Unite Behind Convention of States Movement

18 thoughts on “Conservative Leaders Unite Behind Convention of States Movement”

  1. Great article. Red Millennial has the BEST articles on Convention of States. I can’t wait for your coverage of the upcoming Mt. Vernon Assembly.

    I linked to this article at & made it a sticky post at .

    The article got a lot of exposure, and generated some conversation.

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  3. At the constitutional convention in 1787, Madison warned against requiring a convention in order to enable the states to initiate amendment proposals, explaining that it would be unworkable. History has proven him right on this as on so many other things. Leaving aside the concerns about a “runaway” convention, there are very real practical political reasons why an Article V convention has never been held, and why there never will be one. If the convention is limited to a particular conservative purpose, such as restricting the power of the federal government, Democrats will not support it and you will never reach the two-thirds state requirement. If it is open-ended as to purpose, conservative Republicans should not support it, because it will just turn into a media circus for liberal law professor delegates to put forward even more radical changes to the Constitution than have been perpetuated by the Supreme Court.

    However, we do not have to give up on the clear intention of the Framers that states should have the same power to initiate amendment proposals as Congress has. The solution is an “amendment amendment” to empower the states to initiate an amendment without having to go through the archaic and unworkable mechanism of a convention. A version of such an amendment reform is one of Mark Levin’s Liberty Amendments. Another version and the arguments for such a reform can be found at

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  7. In our day is typified by the moral and cultural scum oozing from Hollywood and DC. Pelosi, who thinks evil is good and good is evil, is representative of those who think good is what serves the state today. The convention would be an unmitigated disaster because the virtuous do not comprehend the demonic drive that moves the totalitarians, and will not be able to save even what we now have.

    Our Constitution is the legal reflection of Christianity, the only extant moral force now shoring the dam. The war on Christianity is fundamental to the totalitarians and to the extent they succeed, the world slides further under the mantle of crushing servitude.

    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for commenting! Thankfully an Article V convention completely bypasses Pelosi and the rest of the corrupt Congress, which is precisely why George Mason fought so hard for it at the Philadelphia Convention. This is the perfect time in history to pursue this because 69 of the nation’s 99 state legislative bodies are controlled by Republicans. We have the power! A balanced budget, term limits, and more limits on the corrupt federal government’s power are now within reach. I agree that the Constitution is a dam against corruption, but over the past century the Statists have largely been successful in punching gaping holes in its structure. The Framers gave us Article V for such a time as this in order to plug the holes and restore liberty. They agreed that the Constitution would need to be amended from time to time, which is why they included the Article V process. Clearly, the government’s out of control spending, as well as the rise of the entrenched ruling class career politicians, have corrupted our political institutions. Madison, Hamilton, Mason, Reagan, Friedman, Eisenhower, and many more statesmen have endorsed the Article V convention process as the way for the people to have recourse against a runaway government. It’s time!

      1. Garrett,

        Well said, but you miss my point. The Founders did not labor in a moral miasma, surrounded by a population sated by pragmatic atheism and materialism. The forces operating today have no love of the Truth, as did the Founders. The threat is not merely the Pelosi’s of the world but the toxic sludge she represents and floats upon.

        Imagine the result if the Founders had to contend with daily violent assaults by thugs from Occupy-Whatever, SEIU and the scathing glare of a hostile mass media. Imagine the replacement of 43 percent of the founders with delegates who would vote for a Democrat Clinton or Obama even if he performed child rape and sacrifice in prime time TV in the Oval office because “…that’s just his private life”.

        Our blessed, yes, ‘blessed’, Constitution was written by moral men who resorted to daily prayer at Franklin’s entreaty. Today the 43 percent would demand equal time for a Black Mass.

        1. Andrew, thanks again for commenting. Yes, there are many forces working for tyranny in America, but that does not mitigate the fact that something must be done, for the sake of my generation and the generations that follow. We need to do something, and the Framers told us what to do. There are still many good state legislators–people like you and me, who have great respect for the Constitution. Despite the corruption at the federal level, conservatives are making great strides at the state level. You should know that there are several safeguards in place for an Article V convention. Delegates are constrained by both the resolutions themselves as well as their state legislatures, who can recall them at any point if they act outside their authority. Additionally, the Assembly of State Legislatures, which is meeting to craft rules for a future convention next week, is made up of hundreds of state legislators who have prayerfully asked for God’s guidance. I encourage you to check out our article on their first meeting, wherein several legislators spoke out about the need to seek God’s direction, and they opened and closed the meeting in prayer. I truly believe and pray that God will use this movement to help restore America, but it will take action as well as humility before Him.


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