Obama: Term 2

Today the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, took the Oath of Office for the second time. Like Ronald Reagan in 1985, President Obama will take two Oaths: a private one Sunday, January 20 and a public one Monday, January 21. It is projected that his second inauguration will draw a much smaller crowd than his record breaking first inauguration which brought nearly 2 million people to our nations Capital. However, the inauguration is expected to draw between 500,000 and 700,000 people from around the country.

Aside from all of the festivities that are sure to cost a pretty penny, many are using this as a time to look back at Obama’s first term. With many successes under his belt, the Obama administration has a lot to be proud of. In his first term, he passed 144 Executive Orders, Health Care reform, ended the war in Iraq, repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, eliminated Osama bin laden,  passed the Stimulus package, and most recently passed gun control reform. Most Democrats applaud his success and heartily look forward to “four more years” as they often chanted at his rallies in both 2008 and 2012.

President Obama Photo Credit Josh Greenstein
Photo Credit Josh Greenstein

On the other hand, Conservatives are less than thrilled. To them, many of Obama’s administrations “successes” are nothing of the sort. They condemn his bypassing Congress for 144 Executive Orders, believe the Health Care Reform which was passed is unconstitutional, are frustrated that he alone takes credit for the death of Osama bin laden, are furious over his handling of both the fiscal cliff and gun control reform, etc. Although Obama has done a lot in four years, the effects of his actions are not being fully felt yet.

When looking at the nation as a whole, not much “change” has occurred. The economy is still rough, jobs are scarce, people are sick of Congress not working together and leaving the American people to suffer for their idiotic actions. With an enormous budget battle in the weeks ahead, it is clear that Obama’s second term will not mean an easy ride.


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