Young Generation Upstages March for Life

A few days after the 40th anniversary of one of the most infamous court case in United States history (Roe v. Wade), hundreds of thousands flooded the nations Capitol in an anti-abortion protest. This years March for Life attracted over 650,000 people from around the country. They all came together despite race, religion, and political party to stand in support of the life of the unborn. However, a new aspect characterized this years March: a larger presence of young people.

Photo Credit: Shane Stacks
Photo Credit: Shane Stacks

Typically, the average age rang of attendees at the March for Life is around 40 years old. This year that was not the case. Young adults 18-25 had greater involvement than ever before. As has been seen in past Presidential elections, the voice of young adults is key to any cause. They are very influential and easily targeted through the various social media sites they spend browsing each day. Gaining their support can make or break a campaign, cause, or candidate.

This new generation of pro-life supporters are expected to make a big impact. They were the crucial demographic in the election of President Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 elections, and they will prove crucial in the battle for life as well. With their known stance of being pro-life, Catholics make up the majority of supporters at the March for Life.

In an article by the Washington Post, Sister Maria Guadalupe said, “Standing up as citizens, standing up as believers. These are our rights as Americans, this is what we do as Catholics.” This ideology is being taught to younger generations, and is shaping the mindset of those who will rise and one day make the changes to this issue that they believe is necessary.



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