Virginia Elections 2013

2013 is a historic year for Virginia politics. With the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General all up for re-election, the campaign season will be long-winded and intense. To add even more excitement, this year Virginia will be having a nominating convention in which the candidates will be chosen instead of a primary election like usual.


There is one candidate for Governor– Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has secured the nomination from the Republican party. However, there is a threat of Lt. Governor Bill Bolling joining the race as an Independent after he dropped out of the race as a Republican in November.

There are seven candidates for Lt. Governor– Bishop E.W. Jackson a minister in Chesapeake and former U.S. Senate candidate, Corey Stewart Chairman of the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors, Pete Snyder entrepreneur and Fox News contributor, Steve Martin Virginia Senator and longtime politician, Jeannemarie Devolites former state Senator, Susan B. Stimpson Chairwoman of the Stafford Country Board of Supervisors, and Scott Lingamfelter member of the Virginia House of Delegates.

There are two candidates for Attorney General– Delegate Rob Bell and Senator Mark Obenshain.

An article on MSNBC made an interesting point about how the election cycle this fall in Virginia:

“The state [Virginia] went for President Obama and Senator Tim Kaine, a Democrat, last fall, giving both Senate seats to Democrats. But in its off-year election, Virginia has a history of electing a governor from the opposite party from the one that just won the White House.”

With candidates in each race that range from Tea Party Conservatives to moderate Republicans, it’s going to be very interesting to watch the campaign from now until the Republican Convention May 17-18, 2013. Delegates from all over the state of Virginia will flood the Commonwealths Capital to have their voices heard in the election of the Republican parties candidates.



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