Up2Date w/ Katie Trudeau

Although we’ve never met in person, Katie and I became friends on Twitter/Facebook due to our mutual love for Virginia politics. She is a high school Senior anxious to graduate, put high school in the rear-view, go to college (either AMU, LU, or Regent- Am I persuading her to come here? Never (; ), and study Political Science.


Julia: Does God have a place in government in the 21st century?

Katie: Yes! The media and today’s society would like for us to think differently. Many people believe in God, but they haven’t accepted their salvation. The majority of Americans believe God is real. God’s creation can be scientifically proven in most cases. God is not always the center of attention, but He is in our midst and Americans know that.

Julia: How can Christians be set apart in the political atmosphere today?

Katie: Christians are set apart in the political arena today in many ways. There are many Christians that don’t want to get involved. The other half just wants to defy their religion and judge others, harshly. Instead of loving people through Christ, they force their beliefs on others. Now our Constitution was built on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Our country has stood on those morals and should for the rest of time. Christians need to get back into the political arena and start to PRACTICE what they preach.

Julia: Why do you want to major in Political Science?

Katie: I want to major in PoliSci because I want to learn how the Founders intended America to be run. I want to know and understand both liberal and conservative views so I can find the truth for myself.

Julia: Who is your inspiration?

Katie: I have many inspirations but one that comes to mind is Margaret Thatcher. She was such a strong woman. For her age and the time period, she held her own. She knew that Socialism was like a scam. The scam being that you are mesmerized over the fact that everything is taken care of, yet you don’t feel the burden until they run out of everyone else’s money. I think she was a true role model for some leaders internationally. Her strength and courage was something most leaders crave. She was a natural leader. I aspire to speak the truth that nobody wants to hear with as much class as she possessed. 

Julia: What would you like to do in the future to better our nation?

Katie: In the future I would love to work on Capital Hill. I will go where The Lord leads me, but I hope my dreams will become a reality. I want to help people. Most Americans are thirsty for some authenticity. I do believe The Lord will use his followers to bring the country back. My generation is realizing the Liberal agenda isn’t working. I hope to be apart of the new wave if Conservatism within the next coming years. I will continue to defend life, liberty and property every day that I live.

Julia: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?  

Katie: Ten years from now… That brings me to age 28. I could be a Senator. I’d like to think that would be my job before I was 30 years old. But wherever The Lord leads me I will be happy. I hope to have maintained my values. I know I will be a stronger Christian than I am today. I hope to have an undergrad degree and possibly my masters.

Want to stay Up2Date w/ this Red Millennial? Follow Katie on Twitter @Trudeau_Katie


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