Up2Date w/ Seth Connell

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Seth Connell- a Freshman at Regent University studying American Government and Political Science along with History. He is currently a blogger for The Federalist Papers and desires to run for public office in the future.


Julia: Why are you majoring in Government?

Seth: I’m majoring in government because I see that there’s something terribly wrong with our political system today, and there has to be someone that will rise up to that challenge and conquer it. There are problems that stem from both left and right wing policies. I want to go into public policy and use my understanding of market economics and historical viewpoints on certain policies to pave the way for the future generations of Americans to come.

Julia: A lot of people don’t believe college degrees are necessary in today’s world (i.e. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh to name a few). Do you agree or disagree?

Seth: Personally, I want to have a college education and get a degree so that others will be able to see I have the qualifications to be doing what I plan on doing. But in cases like Glenn and Rush, if you just look at them, do they look like they need degrees? If they had gone to a university, would they even be in those positions right now? It’s really not all about the level of education you get, but how you do your research and how you interpret it and portray it to your audience (and for what purpose as well).

Julia: Who is your inspiration?

Seth: I have many inspirations, but I have to say that my faith is definitely the most important. Without my faith, I would not have the zeal for standing up for righteousness like I have today, and I most certainly would not be at Regent. It gives me a sense of purpose and direction that the world apart from God does not have, and that without God I would not have either.

Julia: What would you like to do in the future to better our nation?

Seth: I want to bring us back to the policies that gave us the wealth, power and standing we had in previous generations. We need to cut back regulations and tax rates, stand up for principles that have been social norms for thousands of years, and educate ourselves so that we the people know who we are voting for when we go to the polls. The fact is that our generation has been “dumbed down” by an educational system run by people with a radical socialist agenda. Restore the objectivity in education, and let people make choices for themselves (but still showing all aspects of things. Most importantly, none of this can happen without another Great Awakening. The populace as a whole is apathetic and sleeping, and there has to be a wake up call to get people back to the faith that America is founded upon.

Julia: The Republican party is greatly divided, something the Democrats aren’t really dealing with. Should the GOP be more welcoming of the Tea Party and Libertarians so they can unite the Conservative movement or should they continue down the road they are currently on?

Seth: If the Republican party is to in any way survive, they really don’t have a choice but to readily accept the Tea Party and the Libertarians. If they keep rejecting them, saying they have to be more”moderate,” they will just blend right into the Democratic (or as it really is, Socialist) Party, and be gone forever. They have to look past pithy party lines between people who believe in Conservative values and find leaders that can be backed by all of their supporters. The fact that Romney lost shows that as of right now, there really is not any one person who appeals to the whole party. But if they are to survive, they have to take in the Tea Party and Libertarians, and they have to find strong leadership with people who will not cower and crumble at a challenge.

Want to stay Up2Date w/ this Red Millennial? Follow him on Twitter @sconnell1776 



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