Live at CPAC Day 2

UPDATE: 8:45 A.M.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump– Money, money, money! Trump spoke about a topic near and dear to his heart: money and economics. He also covered the White House tour closure, Mitt Romney’s failed campaign due to not praising himself enough (Isn’t that why we criticize Obama? Yeah, that’s what I thought), and the state of the country. Trump explained that a better America will come when we become wealthy again. Although some people were a little star struck by the Celebrity Apprentice host, the true Conservatives looked on dumbfounded as to how a Conservative only by name could get invited to CPAC yet again.

     Top Quotes:

  • If Mitt made one mistake, it’s that he didn’t talk enough about his success.
  • We could become, so easily, the energy capital of the world. We have to start doing things.
  • We have to make America great again.


Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

Mitch McConnell– With a stack of paper at his side well above his head (20,000 pages), Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell came out with his guns firing. He tackled Obamacare, getting over the 2012 Presidential election, his admiration of fellow Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and his inspiring 13 hour filibuster, the pathetic recent Republican meetings at the White House, the poor vs. wealthy in America, the Liberals attack of his wife- Elaine Chao, the Democrat lineup for 2016 (Golden Girls 2.0?), the victory, renewal, and bright future of the GOP.. all in 20 minutes.

     Top Quotes:

  • It is time to unite and it is time to get moving.
  • The Liberal idea of helping the poor looks a lot more like fly paper than a safety net.
  • We’re not going to stand by and look at that [Obamacare] assault on liberty and stand by.


Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin

Paul Ryan– Shortly before Ryan’s speech, the room began filling up (the most people I’ve seen at any of the events thus far). As he walked onto the stage, it felt just like one of the Romney-Ryan rallies from last fall. Following his standing ovation, he quickly brought up the Republican budget plan, “White smoke and a budget in one week!” The budget was the main focus of his 20 minute speech. “We have a plan to pay off our debt,” Ryan explained. The budget plan he introduced earlier this week will balance the budget in ten years. With over 46 million people in poverty, Ryan greatly emphasized the importance of passing this budget. He believes that by 2032, the economy will be at a crawl because the debt is “an anchor weighing us down.” While talking about big government, he said, “The government is sending a message- If you save, you’re a sucker.” Like all great politicians, Ryan loves telling a good story, so he discussed the idea of “one country belonging to thousands of communities” while telling the crowd about a 27 year old named Leroy from Milwaukee whom he met last month. After going through a hard time, Leroy’s community rallied around him and proved, “Every life has a potential for redemption.” Ryan then argued, “To secure our individual rights and provide security… that is the duty of government.” In conclusion, he stated, “Democrats are the party of shared hardship. We are the party of equal opportunity.”

     Top Quote:

  • Chaos is fertile soil for liberalism.

UPDATE- 10:30 A.M.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota

Michele Bachmann– After raising 23 foster children and 5 biological children, Michele Bachmann has learned a thing or two. She was introduced and praised as a “Saint” by the President of the Tea Party News Network. Congresswoman Bachmann spoke about three things: bloggers, her children, and the next generation. She began by saying, “Bloggers are where it’s at! Raise your hand if you’re a blogger,” continuing the CPAC 2013 praise of bloggers. She stated that bloggers deserve a lot more credit than they’re given. Bachmann then spoke about two of her children who are serving at orphanages which brought up another CPAC 2013 theme of community. Young people she explained have hearts to serve and “care about others.” While pointing this out, Bachmann alluded that the government doesn’t care about you because if they did, gas prices wouldn’t be $4 a gallon. This conveniently brought up the topic of natural gas which she applauded stating, “it would bring gas prices down to 23 cent a gallon.” She ended by encouraging young people to embrace community, be educated, take advantage of technology, get the heck out of your parents homes, and “Grow up and assume the responsibilities of life.”

     Top Quote:

  • The Steve Jobs of the world didn’t get a grant.

UPDATE: 12:20 P.M.

Former Pennsylvania Senator and 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum As he began speaking to a full house, Santorum announced that the previous day, March 14th, his nephew Billy passed away. Holding back tears, he pushed through to give a heartfelt speech about America. Known for his strict staunch Conservative views and love of history, Santorum quoted the Declaration of Independence several times and mentioned many historical events (American Revolution, Marquis de Lafayette, and the Founding-of course). The main focus of his speech was fighting for the principles that made and continue to make America great. He said that the next great generation needs to rise up so we can reclaim America.

Top Quote:

  • Don’t look to Washington, DC to solve this problem.
  • There are very few leaders in Congress, there are a lot of followers.

UPDATE: 1:55 P.M.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

Surprise guest Governor Nikki Haley introduced Mitt Romney.

Former Governor of Massachusetts and 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney– After going four months without hearing “Born Free” by Kid Rock as Mitt Romney walks on stage at a campaign rally, it was literally music to the ears of the crowd as the song rang yet again. The crowd gave Romney a standing ovation lasting for nearly 3 minutes. He thanked everyone for their support during his 2012 campaign, “I am sorry that I won’t be your President, but I will be your co-worker. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you.” Romney spoke about the greatness of America and how we need to ensure that our children are handed down “the America they deserve.” He gave a shout-out to his “great friend” Paul Ryan, who spoke just a few hours before him. Considering many Conservatives are still crushed about last November, Romney consoled the crowd and explained that Conservatives need to regroup, and go hopefully into the future. After 15 minutes, he concluded by challenging Conservatives to, “Do whatever you can to keep America strong and free and prosperous.”

Top Quotes:

  • I’m inspired by a nation of people who live for something bigger than themselves.
  • Freedom flows in American veins.

CPAC 2013 Themes:

  1. Both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan demanded “It has to stop.”
  2. Both Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachmann discussed the importance of community.
  3. Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann, and more have praised bloggers as the ones who should be getting much more recognition than they do.
  4. Marco Rubio and Michelle Bachmann believe college debt is a serious problem.
  5. Since the theme of CPAC 2013 is “America’s Future: The Next Generation of Conservatives” it shouldn’t be surprising that literally every speaker has mention young Conservatives.

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