Up2Date w/ Reeve Stimpson

Several years ago, I met Reeve Stimpson through some mutual friends. Although our lives have taken us on different paths, we’ve stayed connected via Facebook. I recently had the chance to ask him some questions about his Conservative beliefs. He is a freshman at John Tyler Community College working on his general studies associates degree. Reeve has plans to  either become a musician or actor, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying politics.


Julia: As a young person, what got you interested in politics?
Reeve: I originally got interested in politics when I was in 9th grade when we would have speech debates in English and History Class. The topics that we were given usually dealt with world issues.
Julia: With a good portion of young people today siding with Liberals, what made you have Conservative principles?
Reeve: I chose to stay with Conservative values because I was raised in a Conservative household which really rooted my beliefs, but the more importantly what I’ve experienced so far as a young man. I believe we are taught as kids but learn as adults, and from my learning so far, I’ve found that the true ethics and background of the place we call “Home” are not those of the Liberal belief system. Without sounding arrogant, I think that people who are more educated on issues in politics are generally more Conservative people. At my age, hardly anyone knows themselves completely, so we can’t base our beliefs now on what they will be down the road. The majority of the Liberal crowd right now, in my opinion, may just be part of a phase.
Julia: I recently attended CPAC where both Marco Rubio and Michele Bachmann discussed that college debt is a big problem in America. What can we do to fix this problem?
Reeve: Bankruptcy protections must be restored back to all student loans which guarantees that the Department of Education no longer gets motivated to serve the interests of the lenders and schools. Instead it’ll have fiscal interests more on the side of students.
Julia: President Obama has done a great job appealing to the younger demographic, something Republicans are trying very hard to do- they even made “The Next Generation” the main theme at CPAC. Yet,  around 95% of their speakers and panelists were over 40 y/o. What will it take for the GOP to be more accepting of young people and reach more of them?
Reeve: With the rise of Marco Rubio, I believe their is more hope for the next generation of Conservative leaders. The thing about Conservative leaders is that most of them aren’t politicians at a younger age. They start out as mainly business leaders who get a good grip of how the world works before trying to earn the vote of its people. Most Democrats get into political office early because that’s how the liberal crowd does it. It’s a crowd that is young, spirited, and full of ideas, and will try to get elected to get these groundbreaking ideas in plan without knowing how society really works that will succeed.
Julia: It’s still over three years away, but who are your 2016 prediction for both parties?
Reeve: For the Democratic party, the people I could see running for President in 2016 are Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton. For the Republican Party, I would have to say that I could see Marco Rubio for sure and a possibly Paul Ryan.
Julia: Any favorite up and comers in the GOP?
Reeve: I’ve loved Marco Rubio ever since I first saw him speak during the election cycle this Past year. The way he spoke and the issues he addressed were spot on. Other than that, I’ve recently been reading more about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.
Julia: What’s your stance on same-sex marriage?
Reeve: First off, I believe we put way to much emphasis on this issue especially in politics. The news one night could look like this, “Tonight’s two biggest stories, first 12 marines we’re killed on a rescue mission, second a gay rally has some people mad”. We waste too much time worrying about things that aren’t really all that terrible. Strictly speaking on my personal beliefs though, I believe marriage is defined as the union of a man and woman, and no other pairing.
Julia: Immigration has been a big issue in recent elections. How do you think Republicans should handle this issue?
Reeve: Stronger border patrol. We are cutting down on the military when we should be building it up for things of this matter. Yes, of course, our military should be trained and ready for a country wide emergency, but we could use some military personnel to keep borders better protected.
Julia: It seems like the Liberal media tells us who the next Republican “up and comers” are, Conservatives love them, and then they do something that loses our trust (Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell, etc.) How do we avoid this problem?
Reeve: We really can’t. Conservatives in my opinion play on a fair ground when it comes to debates and issues. We tend not to play dirty very much. If the liberal crowd wants to keep finding things to make us dislike our political idols, then maybe we should be asking the liberal crowd how perfect their liberal leaders truly are.
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