Up2Date w/ John Bradner

Last fall, I was introduced to John Bradner- a freshman at North Carolina State University where he is studying Political Science and Economics. He has loved politics for 5+ years and feels Gods call on his life to serve in public office in the future.


Julia: As a young person, what got you interested in politics?

John: It all started in late 2007 when my 8th grade field trip went to Washington D.C. I was amazed at all the history and cool buildings I saw during that trip. My mother was with me but got very ill during our stay. Soon after, I am told that my mother has inflammatory breast cancer. This was devastating news to me and my family, but in the back of my mind I had peace. I believe that God  put politics in my life to become a coping method for not only my problems, but to see others needs which gives me a desire to help them too. Over five years after truly looking into politics and my mother passing away on Election Day 2008, I know that God put politics in my life so I may help others through political and social situations.

Julia: What made you have Conservative principles?

John: My upbringing is the major contributor to my Conservative Values. I grew up in a Baptist church my entire life as well as Christian school for middle and high school. I believe that the values and principles that I hold align true to the Conservative morals that I have accepted throughout my life. The Conservative ideology, which embraces life and promotes moral excellence has proven to help line up my political choices with my faith.

Julia: I recently attended CPAC where both Marco Rubio and Michele Bachmann discussed that college debt is a big problem in America. What can we do to fix this problem?

John: College debt is one of the leading burdens for the next generation of young Americans. I believe that the problem of increasing tuition and student fees are both state and national problems. I believe that the Department of Education should be dissolved, and moved to the state level to focus education funds to counties and districts that the state legislators see fit. This will cut out unneeded bureaucracies and keep the education system level while maintaining educational standards. Also, I believe that the federal income tax money that is going to the Department of Education should be dissolved, and given back to the state legislators to allow each states taxes to fund their education system as the states see fit, not the federal government. This not only keeps the money local, it should produce a more efficient education system where the American people see their money working for them with less bureaucracy and less government intervention without true representation.

Julia: President Obama has done a great job appealing to the younger demographic, something Republicans are trying very hard to do -they even made “The Next Generation” the main theme at CPAC. Yet, 95% of their speakers and panelists were over 40. What will it take for the GOP to be more accepting of young people?

John: The President made one of the smartest political moves ever immediately after the 2008 election. He kept and increased his technology team for his reelection campaign. By doing this the Democratic party had a head start on new social technologies to increase their base of intelligence. The Republican Party needs to embrace 21st century technologies such as QR codes and up-to-date social media pages that are in sync with each other to better send out the Conservative message. Younger Demographics not only want to see cool technology used with political parties, but they want the issues they care about most being answered straightforwardly by the politicians who do or will represent them.

Julia: It’s still over 3 years away, but who are your 2016 prediction for both parties?

John: I believe that either Rand Paul or Marco Rubio will win the 2016 GOP nomination. It will come down to Iowa and the few states after Florida since Rubio will probably win that state. For the Democratic Party, I see Hillary Clinton still as a viable candidate whereas John Kerry still seems to want another run after a failed attempt over a decade ago.

Julia: Any favorite up and comers in the GOP?

John: I am excited to see that the new Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are firing up the Conservative base. I believe this will really help the Conservative movement find greater numbers and stronger politicians.

Julia: What does the future of the GOP look like for you?

John: In twenty years, the GOP will not look the same at all. It may seem scary to start with but the change in demographics does not lie. The GOP base will be centered around younger Conservative candidates that still want a smaller government, but that comes in a variety of ways. As long as the GOP stands with the phrase “Responsible Governing With Equal Opportunity For ALL,” I see a positive future for the Republican Party.

Julia: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

John: I hope to be well on my way with my financial and political career either helping Conservative campaigns or running for a state representative seat in North Carolina. I am proud to be an American citizen and I hope I can be a public servant with my fiscally Conservative principles for North Carolinians as well as all Americans throughout my life.



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