A New Split?

The 2012 election was a wakeup call for the GOP. Leaders questioned what they were doing wrong, and questioned what was happening to America. Many Republican Senators lost their seats to Democratic candidates, swinging the balance of power in favor of the Democrats. The GOP was hammered this past election, and now a power grab by President Obama and the Democratic party has started. However, amid all this political darkness and hopelessness, there remains a light that has been slowly, but surely growing. That light is the young, strong conservative leadership rising up in the seats of Rand Paul (R, KY), Marco Rubio (R, FL), Ted Cruz (R, TX), and Mike Lee (R, UT).

We already witnessed a 13-hour filibuster by Senator Paul back in March over gun control, but Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D, NV) has vowed to pass stricter background check requirements in the Senate, but the newly strengthened and determined GOP senators have threatened a filibuster on any vote to increase gun control.

What is very concerning to me is that many other GOP senators have sided with Senate Democrats in favor of more background checks on gun purchases. Some of the rumored supporters of the Democratic proposal include Senators Mark Kirk (R, IL), Lisa Murkowski (R, AL), and Pat Toomey (R, PA). They have, reportedly, reached a bipartisan deal on gun control to bring to a vote in the Senate.

While it seems that many in the Republican Party are drifting away from traditional Conservative standards, there remain a few who are refusing to give any ground to anyone, Republican or Democrat, who wishes to further infringe on the right to bear arms, or any other Constitutional right for that matter. This was demonstrated by Rand Paul during his filibuster of John Brennan’s nomination regarding domestic use of drone strikes and due process for the accused.

My question is this: will a new party emerge as happened back in the 1800s? Before the Republican Party existed, there were predominantly the Democratic-Republicans and the Whigs from the late 1820s until 1854. In 1854, there was a split in the government regarding the issue of slavery, and many left the Democratic and Whig parties to create a new party: the Republicans. Since then, there have been other parties that have come about, but none have gained the support, funding and strength that the Republican party has gained over its almost 160 year tenure.

Looking at these new, young leaders, is it possible that America could see a new strong, Conservative party? It definitely could happen. Whether they will have the support that the GOP currently has is another issue. Thinking about this possible split by some GOP leaders, it brings me back to Ronald Reagan, when he changed his political affiliation. He said “I have not left the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party has left me.”

In saying this, Reagan showed that his views had not changed, but the Democratic Party as a whole was heading towards a left leaning viewpoint. In the case of the current GOP, it seems to me that many are moving this way as well. In my mind, I say the same as Reagan; I have not left the Republican Party, the Republican Party has left me. Given the resolve of the senators, there may just have to be a new party affiliation. One that will not back down and give in to those who wish to infringe on the rights of the American people.

As a last thought, ask yourself; is the GOP (Grand Old Party), really so grand anymore? Given how many in the party are caving on central issues, I say that it is not.



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