What War on Women?

For the past several years (more specifically, since President Obama took office), the mainstream media has been proclaiming that a “War on Women” is being waged by the Republican party. They claim that the GOP is a bunch of old, white men who think women should spend their lives in the kitchen making sandwiches for all of mankind while raising a brood of children and leave the “real work” to the men. However, this supposed war is simply made up by Obama’s MSM cronies in a pathetic attempt to defile the image of the Republican party and strip them of any female support.

The truth is actually the exact opposite of what the liberal media is preaching. Women have never before had a more substantial role in the Republican Party. From elected officials, to candidates, to supporters, conservative women are gaining more momentum each year. In 2013, Republican women hold the following offices: Four governors (Brewer-AZ, Martinez-NM, Fallin- OK, and Haley-SC), four Senators in the U.S. Senate (Murkowski-AK, Collins-ME, Fischer-NE, and Ayotte- NH), twenty Congresswomen in the U.S. House of Representatives (Ros-Lehtinen-FL, Granger-TX, Capito-WV, Blackburn-TN, Miller-MI, Foxx-NC, Rodgers-WA, Bachmann-MN, Jenkins-KS, Lummis-WY, Black-TN, Ellmers-NC, Hartzler-MO, Beutler-WA, Noem-SD, Roby- AL, Brooks-IN, Wagner-MO, Emerson-MO and Walorski-IN ), along with a host of females holding statewide office throughout the United States.

Republican Women

Likewise, women of all ages and professions are coming out in support of the Republican party. Celebrities including Joan Rivers, Gloria Estefan, Heather Locklear, Patricia Heaton, Jessica Simpson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Martina McBride, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and Shannen Doherty are all known for their Republican support. In the realm of journalism, writing, and radio, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, S.E. Cupp, Megyn Kelly, Katie Pavlich and Dana Loesch are all strong female voices for the GOP. Even Mitt Romney received 39% of the women’s vote last fall (I bet that’s at least a couple binders full).

Yet, even with a vast amount of support from women of all ages, races, professions, and backgrounds, the Republican party is accused of waging a “War on Women” because they see abortion for what it truly is– the murder of innocent life– and fight against it. On MoveOn.Org’s website, they list the “Top 10 Shocking Attacks from the GOP’s War on Women.” Each of the ten claimed attacks revolve around Republicans making abortion facilities face the same regulations as hospitals (Wouldn’t that make them nicer?), cutting funding for welfare, not demanding hospitals perform abortions, not paying for childrens preschool, and cutting funding of Planned Parenthood (I wonder if feminazi’s would like PP as much if they knew the truth about Margaret Sanger?). So because Republicans (aka old white men, remember?) don’t want to kill babies, have government funding of a facility which was created by a racist psychopath who wanted to destroy the African American race one abortion at a time, or pay for everyones food, healthcare, and education, they are attacking women’s “rights.”

One of the biggest supporters of this so called war is MSNBC. From the always outrageous Al Sharpton, to the truly disturbing Melissa Harris-Perry, to the Beiber look-a-like Rachel Maddow, MSNBC is flanked with liberals who look at President Obama as some god-like figure whom they must agree with on everything. Likewise, since Obama is 100% correct 100% of the time, they stick with the absolutely ridiculous Democratic tagline “It’s the Republican’s fault” on nearly every issue. Because if the Democrats don’t get their way (which they do 70% of the time), they sure as heck won’t let the Republicans get theirs.

But how can the truth about this “War on Women” be told? How can Republicans clear their name from this smeared image which the MSM has painted? Republicans, both men and women, old and young, black and white, need to tell the truth to the American people that no such thing exists. The Republican party doesn’t believe the government should pay for the murder of innocent life. And it’s not like Republicans have overturned Roe v. Wade, they’ve simply made abortion facilities better regulated so as to provide hospital level care and inform those seeking abortions what they are doing. This is something that baffles me about liberals. They are furious that Republicans believe life begins at conception and that little “thing” growing inside a woman is infact a human being. I mean, has it ever come out as a dog or something? Why are they so offended at this? I guess they are in denial about the fact that abortion is murder. There’s no way around it.

With cases like Kermit Gosnell which receive little to no attention from the MSM, you’d think liberals would finally understand why Republicans stand for life. Yet, the lies continue. The media will stop at nothing to paint Republicans as this evil group of people who are hateful and want everyone to fail. In an article on the Huffington Post, they blame Republicans and conservatives who don’t support abortion for the deaths that occurred in Gosnell’s abortion facility. Unless Republicans figure out a way to stop this supposed “War on Women,” the media will continue down the same path: blaming Republicans for everything that’s wrong in the world.


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