Up2Date w/ Krystina Skurk

Krystina Skurk is a 25 year old from Southern California. She is a senior at Regent University obtaining a bachelors in government and a minor in journalism. Krystina is in the KOCH Fellows program at Regent, a program where fellows study how economics, politics, and faith intersect. She s also part of RUCU- Regent University Conservative Union- one of the few if not the ONLY political group on campus who seek to educate students on the fundamentals of conservative principles and get them involved politically. She is the president elect for Pi Sigma Alpha- Regent’s political honors program. When she is done with school whether that be after her bachelors or masters, Krystina would like to work at a think tank or for a news organization educating people about the times we are living in and about conservative ideals.


Julia: Why are you a Republican?

Krystina: I am a Christian first, a conservative second, and a republican third. I am a republican because it most naturally conforms with conservative and Christians values. I went to a caucus meeting at the DNC last September and sat in on an interfaith meeting, where the speakers said that they are democrats because they are Christians. I have the opposite thought. I don’t see how one can adhere to many of the democrat’s stances and say they aren’t compromising important tenants of their faith. I am a conservative because I believe that the reason of man and government is limited and thus one should be careful how much centralization is given to an entity that could prove either corrupt or misguided. It is best to maintain what our Founders called federalism to ensure the utmost chance of liberty. At the same time liberty is not my fundamental driving passion. I believe a society can have too much liberty or what I like to call license- every one doing whatever they want, regardless of the public good. I would much prefer a virtuous society, but one which is made so not by the force of the government, but by the force of a cultural standard of morality and through an effective educational system.

Julia: Who has had the most influence on your political views?

Krystina: My 11th grade teacher Miss McGuire was the person who awoke a slumbering passion for politics inside of me. She taught me to read the news, to care about the news, and to interpret the news using common sense. Since then I’ve had many influences from Dr. Michael Brown from FIRE School of Ministry to my teachers here are Regent. Often it is learning about moment’s in history that truly proves formative. The first was when I had to memorize Patrick Henry’s speech. My favorite line was and always has been, Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery… FORBID it Almighty God… I know not what course others may take, but for my, Give me Liberty or give me death!! (LOL Its something like that). I remember as a teenager discovering Martin Luther King’s I’ve been to the Mountaintop speech. I would listen to that speech over and over again, tearing up every time at his last few lines- I may not get there with you… but I have seen the promised land…. Some of the last words he ever spoke publically before his death! Also hearing President Reagan’s speech at the Berlin Wall really impacted me- I almost can’t explain why, but it was as if I was there experiencing the clash of cultures… and it made me think of all the clashes we have today… and if only there were more people standing up and saying if you really want peace ACLU then tear down these walls, If you really want prosperity NLRB then tear down these economic walls, if you really want an educated populace Teachers Union then tear down the gates to student vouchers and charter schools!

Julia: Who is your inspiration?

Krystina: William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King Jr. and Daniel and Jeremiah…. Jeremiah was called to tear down and pluck up to build and to plant. I feel called to tear down systems, institutions, and ideologies of injustice and to build up systems, institution, and ideologies of wisdom and justice.

Julia: Who is your favorite and least favorite President?

Krystina: Reagan/Lincoln/Washington/Adams vs FDR/Wilson/Johnson/ Guess which is which.

Julia: Who is your favorite or least favorite member of Congress?

Krystina: Scott Walker from Wisconsin. Don’t look at me like that lol. I know he isn’t in Congress, but I think he is wonderful and great and I just wanted you to know that.  I mean anyone who can fight the unions and win… is great! Ok in Congress I’d have to say Michele Bachmann and Nancy Pelosi and I’ll let you guess which is which.

Julia: What is your stance on same-sex marriage?

Krystina: Same sex marriage is a symptom of our country’s misconception of freedom.

Julia: Immigration reform is currently the topic of much debate in Congress. How would you handle immigration?

Krystina: There are things that at this point in my life and experience are over my head and this is one of them. However I did read an interesting article that so many farmers need workers and are being stopped by over regulation from getting them legally. They desire for more immigrant workers to be given work visas so that they can stay above board, but also so they don’t go out of business. This same article from World Magazine said that many immigrants either don’t care about getting citizenship or that its at least not their primary goal. Really they just want work. So perhaps in this debate we have been focusing on the wrong questions.

Julia: Would you ever consider running for office?

Krystina: Sure, who doesn’t want their faces plastered over thousands of posters, bumper stickers, and pins. And who doesn’t want to work their whole career to obtain a place of influence only to get there and realize that all the while they have been compromising their principles and now have none left. I’m actually just kidding- though I do feel like this is something to be wary of if one were to run for office. I have to hope for the sake of sanity that it is possible to run for office and still maintain integrity and not get too self absorbed. Gosh I already feel too self absorbed as it is- I don’t know if I could handle it lol. At the same time, I do believe Christians have a duty to be in places of influence so if God told me to run I would do so… that’s assuming I maintain enough coherence to distinguish the voice of God from the voice of my own ambition. If I ever run for office because of my own ambition I sure hope I fail- and fail miserably. I’d hate to be in a place of influence and then find that I’ve gotten there of my own strength and now have no strength left to actually do the job. Better to fail while trying to get up the wrong mountain then fail once you’re on top of it.

Julia: Any 2016 predictions?

Krystina: Hillary vs Rubio. Hillary vs Christy. Hillary vs Rand Paul. Scott Walker vs Hillary.

Julia: Should President Obama take North Korea’s threats seriously?

Krystina: I’m not sure the threat is serious, but it’s the president’s job to take it seriously. Even though at times he thinks it is his primary job to run individual’s lives, I don’t think he has actually forgotten his role as Commander in Chief and I trust him to handle this situation with wisdom.

Julia: Who is your favorite Founding Father?

Krystina: Well I love Washington’s emphasis on practical wisdom, Madison’s emphasis on the limitations of government, John Adam’s emphasis on Christian virtue, Patrick Henry and all the anti-federalist’s emphasis on education and limited government, Noah Webster’s passion for virtue in education, and Hamilton’s well… maybe I don’t like Hamilton all that much.

Julia: Where do you see America ten years from now?

Krystina: On our knees begging for mercy… I hope. Because if we are not there then we are still in the streets celebrating our vice, not yet aware that our vice is what will either bring us to our knees in prayer or in despair.

Julia: There is a big divide in the GOP. How can Republicans overcome this, unite, and get true Conservatives elected?

Krystina: They need to one stop compromising on principles and two learn how to espouse their principles more effectively. Get deep with the American people- tell them why free enterprise is important- not just that it is. And I’m just wondering if it will ever be possible that a generation of elected officials will care more about the principles of their party then their own personal elections. If we can get that then all else will change.



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