How the GOP Needs to Become the GNP (Grand New Party)

The Republican Party took a heavy blow in the 2012 elections, in national, state, and in many states, local areas. The election made many Republican leaders examine themselves, and the message they have been proclaiming, asking why such an utter defeat occurred. One of the main issues the Republican Party has faced is the issue of reaching to the younger generation, the millennials. The vast majority of those who were able to vote in the past election opted for the Democratic Party’s message of free stuff. The question remains: how can the GOP reach out to the younger age group? Do they have to change their message, or their messenger?

The problem with the GOP is not the message, it is the messenger. For years, the liberal left has portrayed the Republicans as angry, old, racist, white men who want to keep America in the 1950s. Senators like John McCain and Lindsey Graham have not helped the Republican Party, in that they have come to represent those “angry, old white men.” However, in the midst of all this defeat, there remains a beam of light that refuses to be extinguished. There are rising Conservative Senators and Congressmen that are defying the odds, and upholding their oaths to defend the Constitution and our rights. Some of these people include Senators Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, and Congressmen Scott Rigell and Tom Cotton.GOP-vs.-GOP

These rising stars of the Republican Party are doing a much better job of trying to reach out to the younger generation, but it still is not enough. They are of a younger age group than that of John McCain, but reaching to the millennials is very difficult when relating to them is not easily done. The answer to this is to raise up young conservatives graduating from college who are facing the same problems as their own generation. This ability to relate will make it easier for leaders to see the issues facing the next generation of citizens.

In the meantime, the Republican Party will have to boldly reach to the millennials, and create a message that can be easily understood and defined. Issues like our national debt and high taxes are two strong points that have to emphasized. When it comes to economics, the Republicans have the better track record in terms of creating growth and jobs. For instance, during the 1990s, the technology boom was happening. The left will try to attribute this to Bill Clinton, but needs to be shown is that the Republicans held overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate. By relaying this to the millennials, who have very high unemployment currently, we can show that our method of economics works much better than that of the left.

Needless to say, if the Republican Party is to survive the next set of elections, it is imperative that the young generation must be reached. During the 2012 campaign season, the Democratic ticket had a much better ground game than the Republicans, and that definitely played a role in winning key voting groups. In the upcoming midterm election in 2014, the Republicans have to use social media to its maximum potential, as most of the millennials have some form of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Can it be done? If the Democratic Party can do it, there is no reason why the Republicans cannot follow suit. What needs to be realized is that reaching the younger age groups is critical to promoting their policies and values.



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