Obama’s Message to Mothers

In a week of murder convictions, found kidnap victims, and “whistleblower” Congressional testimonies, President Barack Obama made sure to lay low. The current investigation into finding the truth about what happened when the United States embassy in Benghazi was attacked, resulting in the brutal murder of three Americans, could do great damage to the Obama administration.Barack_Obama_family_portrait_2011

Former Presidential candidate and Fox News host Mike Huckabee predicted that the Benghazi investigation will end in President Obama’s resignation. Huckabee stated on “The Mike Huckabee Show,” “I believe that before it’s all over, this president will not fill out his full term. I know that puts me on a limb, but this is not minor. It wasn’t minor when Richard Nixon lied to the American people and worked with those in his administration to cover-up what really happened in Watergate. But, I remind you — as bad as Watergate was, because it broke the trust between the president and the people, no one died. This is more serious because four Americans did in fact die.”

In an attempt to avoid controversy, President Obama spent the week discussing Obamacare, specifically how it will help women given Mother’s Day was Sunday, May 12th. Yet, instead of sending an encouraging message to mother’s throughout the country the Obama administration tweeted the following from the White House account on Friday, May 10th:

WHFirst of all, since when do 65 year old women need preventive care like birth control? This isn’t 25 BC when women lived to be several hundreds of years old and could have children well past 65. Most women stop having children before they’re 50 years old.

Secondly, it’s “mother’s day,” not “notamother’s day.” Why would his administration celebrate a day for women who chose life to promote the prevention of it?

Barack Obama’s blatant love for all things Planned Parenthood (which was invited to the White House’s Mother’s day event) makes me wonder if he’s a relative of Margaret Sanger. Love child perhaps?



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