One Big Circus- RPV Convention 2013

Every February, the Richmond coliseum hosts the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus.  However, May 17-18th, 2013, they hosted a different kind of circus- the Republican party of Virginia’s convention at which Ken Cuccinelli was officially nominated as the Republican candidate for Governor and the candidates for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General were chosen.

Here’s a rundown of what happened at the convention with the LG race.

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor:

  1. Corey Stewart (44)- Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors from 2003-present. He is an international trade attorney and father of two.
  2. Susan Stimpson (42)- Member of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors from 2010-present, chairman since January 2012, and former chairman of the Stafford County Republican Committee. She is a mother of two and is backed by former Richmond Tea Party board member and former candidate for United States Senate Jamie Radkte.
  3. Scott Limgamfelter (62)- Member of the Virginia House of Delegates from 2002-present representing the 31st district of Fauquier and Prince William counties. He attended both Virginia Military Institute and the University of Virginia. Lingamfelter served in the United States army from 1973-2001 and is ranked as a Colonel.
  4. Stephen Martin (56)– Member of the Virginia House of Delegates from 1988-1994, member of the Virginia state Senate from 1994-present. He is originally from Chesterfield, Virginia and runs his own insurance service business.
  5. Jeannemarie Davis (57)- Member of the Virginia House of Delegates from 1998-2004 and a member of the Virginia state Senate from 2004-2008. She served as the director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs for Governor Bob McDonnell from 2010-2012.
  6. Pete Snyder (40)- Technological entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Disruptor Capital, and founder and former CEO of New Media Strategies.  He is a Fox News contributor and was the Chairman of the Virginia GOP victory team in 2012. Snyder is a graduate of the College of William and Mary.
  7. E.W. Jackson (61)- Former candidate for United States Senate against Jamie Radtke and George Allen. He practiced business law for 15 years and is the founder of Exodus faith ministries in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Convention time…

Ballot #1

1st- E.W. Jackson

2nd- Susan Stimpson

3rd- Corey Stewart

4th- Pete Snyder

5th- Scott Lingamfelter

Say goodbye to Martin and Davis.

*When announcing who was moving on to the second ballot, the speaker said Stimpson’s name last, causing her supporters to think that she wasn’t doing well and to switch their vote to a different candidate for the second ballot even though Stimpson was really in second place. They never corrected this mistake or told the audience the true statistics.

**Davis endorses Jackson.

Ballot #2

1st- E.W. Jackson

2nd- Pete Snyder

3rd- Corey Stewart

Say goodbye to Stimpson and Lingamfelter.

*The results of this ballot took 2+ hours to receive. Stimpson challenged the results and asked for a recount. If the announcer hadn’t screwed up and said her name last (without making a correction) following the first ballot, Stimpson would’ve gone on past the second ballot and potentially won the race.

**Lingamfelter endorses Snyder, Jamie Radtke (good friend and Stimpson supporter) votes for Snyder.

Here’s where things get really interesting…

Ballot #3

1st- E.W. Jackson

2nd- Pete Snyder

Say goodbye to Stewart.

*Shortly before they announced that Stewart was the next candidate to leave the race, Snyder’s staff began passing around flyers saying that Corey Stewart had endorsed Snyder. Right after the news that Stewart was out of the race and the fourth ballot was being conducted, Stewart walked out onto the convention floor hand-in-hand with E.W. Jackson- not Snyder. Most people believed that Snyder had gotten desperate and pushed the flyers without receiving anything even resembling an endorsement.

Ballot #4

And the Lieutenant Governor nominee is…. E.W. Jackson.

Say goodbye to Pete Snyder.

* Monday, May 20th Bearing Drift, Virginia’s conservative news website, posted an article titled, “The Richmond Screwjob: How Corey Stewart (Almost) Sold His Endorsement for $85,000.” Naturally, I was very intrigued.

It turns out that Stewart did endorsed Pete Snyder, then sent his staffer Patrick Lee over to Snyder’s camp to demand $85,000 in cash to cover his campaign expenses.

“Snyder staffers were baffled.  Hadn’t Corey Stewart already given his word?  Patrick Lee repeated the demand, saying that Stewart staff had not been paid up and so forth. Snyder staffers did the right thing — they said the endorsement was already given and they expected Stewart to keep their word.”

942015_550217345024545_1336825212_nBut Corey Stewart didn’t keep his word. He walked out holding hands with E.W. Jackson to which Jackson’s fanbase applauded, not knowing what a dirty, screwed up thing Stewart had just done. The results came as a big shock to the majority of people both at the convention and at home. Snyder was predicted to win and if the race didn’t consist of seven candidates and was held as a primary rather than convention, I firmly believe he would have won.

CS emailThen Tuesday, May 21st Corey Stewart sent out an email titled, “Why I Endorsed E.W. Jackson” obviously attacking the Snyder campaign. I guess Corey Stewart forgot his campaign released this flyer at the convention which claims the endorsement of Martha Boneta who originally supported Scott Lingamfelter but then switched her support to Pete Snyder (and was even seen on the convention floor wearing a Snyder shirt) after Lingamfelter left the race.


But Snyder isn’t holding grudges or throwing a pity party. He attended an event in Fairfax on Sunday, May 19th (the day after the convention) with the entire 2013 Republican ticket and proudly held a Jackson sign. Also, Snyder posted on Facebook and emailed his supporters to help the Jackson for LG campaign by donating (something he did himself). E.W. Jackson thanked Snyder for his support and said that due to Snyder’s Facebook post and email to supporters, his campaign raised over $20,000 in just 24 hours.


All in all, the RPV 2013 convention was a great disappointment and confirmed my love for primaries and absolute hatred of conventions… which really sucks because the RPV just decided that for the 2014 Senate race they will yet again be holding a convention rather than a primary. Seeing as this was Snyder’s first attempt at running for public office, I believe it does him great credit to come in second place in a race which contained seven candidates and was a convention which is very hard to win- you not only have to gain people’s support, but have to get a large amount of delegates to attend the convention.


It has taken the Democrat candidate for Governor, Terry McAuliffe (former DNC chairman and best friend to the Clinton’s), absolutely no time to attack the Republican ticket. He posted the picture below on Facebook Sunday, May 19th. 576622_10152827976330150_2029345828_n


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