Why Christians and Catholics Should Take the IRS Scandal Seriously

Rough week, Mr. President?

Pardon my cynicism, but if there was anyone that I would not have wanted to be these past few weeks, it is President Obama (or Jay Carney, for that matter). This past week, he has come under a three way blitz of scandals that have now been made known to the American public. The first is the manipulative editing of the official White House talking points on Benghazi. The second is the Department of Justice seizing two months’ worth of phone records from the Associated Press, and the third, and perhaps the most troubling one, is the intentional targeting of conservative organizations filing for tax-exempt status by the IRS.

Allow me to recap: At the end of last week, it was revealed that the IRS has been isolating right-wing and tea party organizations that filed for tax exempt status. They focused on organizations that had “Tea Party,” “Patriot,” or “9/12 Project” in their name, and groups that focused on educating people about the Constitution. Groups like these were singled off and were sent irrational questionnaires by the IRS for the groups to answer. One such group was asked to disclose intimate details about their organization such as their donors, which the IRS later admitted that they were not supposed to do. Another organization which claimed to be pro-life stated that the IRS asked them to divulge the content of their prayers.

As the investigation of this scandal progressed, it became increasingly evident that this was not a mere mistake on behalf of the IRS. Instead, this scandal was intentional, and shows the increasing liberal bias against conservatives, republicans, and libertarians. The IRS scandal is an example of this administration’s bias against anything it disagrees with. Naturally, every administration has held a degree of bias. That is expected. However, the reason this administration’s biases are dangerous is because it will use the arm of the law to enforce its bias, and hinder those who disagree. This scandal has proven that to be true, and Christians and Catholics need to take note of this, for not only is this administration anti-conservative, it is also the most anti-biblical administration to date.

I wish this was a mere conspiracy theory, but alas the evidence shows that this administration has had a significant bias against Christians and Catholics, and instead has shown favoritism to Muslims. This is not to say that President Obama is a Muslim. There is not enough evidence to support that claim. However, there is enough to show that he has been more sympathetic to Islam than any other administration. In light of the IRS scandal, both Christians and Catholics should be aware of the fact that they hold a religious belief that is looked down upon by this administration, and this administration will try to stop it.

Allow history to substantiate what I have claimed: Surely no one can forget back in 2008 when President Obama disrespectfully spoke of Christians as those who “cling to guns or religion” and have an “antipathy to people who aren’t like them,” or when he declined to host services for the National Day of Prayer (but did Iftar dinners in honor of Ramadan). Furthermore, I am certain people remember the controversy of the plans to build a Mosque right next to Ground Zero, but did anyone remember the Christian church being denied permission to rebuild at that location? Did anyone even know about that? Probably not, for the Obama administration was silent of that fact. Although I could continue to go on for a while, a look back at the decisions made by this administration reveals their anti-Biblical stance, and if this administration will abuse the law to stop conservatives, it will also abuse the law to hinder both Christians and Catholics.


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