An Affair to Remember

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is doing a pretty fantastic job ruining any chance at a successful bid for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. Less than a month ago, reports surfaced that Christie secretly underwent a weight reduction surgery, causing many to question whether he was trying to get in shape before 2016 comes around. His health has been a weight (no pun intended) on the shoulders of his political career since it first began. People are afraid that his “bad health” could possibly lead to his death while in office if elected President- I guess no one remembers President Taft who was over 300 lbs?

However, his weight isn’t what’s causing an uproar. Instead, it’s his love affair with Barack Obama.

Ever since hurricane Sandy ripped through New Jersey last October, Governor Christie has had nothing but praise for Obama. Tuesday, May 28th, the couple toured the  New Jersey coast line which was one of the worst hit areas. The pair put on a front of economic recovery and bipartisanship. Obama and Christie

Obviously, President Obama is hoping that this tour will cast the media’s attention away from the Benghazi investigation, the IRS targeting of conservative organizations, the AP and Fox News scandal at the DOJ, the current amnesty debate on Capital Hill, the closing of Gitmo, and the numerous other issues plaguing the Obama administration.

Without a doubt, this month has been the hardest Obama has faced during his Presidency.

It started with his May 5th speech at Ohio State University in which he warned people not to listen to the voices that warn of tyrannical, overreaching government. Then, scandalgalore struck.

The Benghazi “whistleblowers” testified May 8th, the IRS targeting of conservative, Tea Party organizations broke May 10th, the AP scandal at the DOJ broke May 13th, the Fox News scandal broke  May 20th, and on May 23rd President Obama addressed the nation to bring up the topic of closing Gitmo- something he began fighting for just days after his first inaugeration.

So a nice little tour of New Jersey with new pal Chris Christie is a wonderful thing for Obama. A day not talking about the numerous scandals, all of which are being blamed on literally everyone but Preisdent Obama, must be pretty nice. Yet, Christie, a man who once was seen as a rising star in the GOP and even called the President a “bystander in the Oval Office,” and is running for re-election in a severaly blue state has done nothing but suck up to Obama for the past eight months.

The Governor’s newfound admiration for President Obama, a man who some believe is the worst President the United States has ever had, will come at a cost- he lost the support of Conservative writer and commentator Ann Coulter, the majority of Republicans have grown to lose most of the respect they once had for the governor, and he was one of the few who did not receive an invitation to this year’s CPAC.

Instead of welcoming the President to New Jersey as if he’s being reuinted with his long-lost college roommate, Christie should take a note from the much beloved Republican Senator Ted Cruz who posted the following picture to Twitter when President Obama came to his state (Texas) to discuss jobs a few weeks ago.BJ06oHeCEAAaVCr

Although many believe Obama and Christie are simply showing “true bipartisanship,” I, like Rush Limbaugh, believe it’s nothing of the sort. “Obama has money, Gov. Christie wants the money,” Rush said on his May 28th talk radio show. “Gov. Christie needs the money so the people will be helped, so Christie praises Obama. It’s a master-servant relationship. Exactly the kind of bipartisanship that the drive-by media want.”

I believe it’s more of a Tom Riddle (Voldemort) and Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail) relationship. The Voldie wants a break from all the bad scandalpalooza backlash and Wormtail, his loyal servant, will see it done.


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