The Threat Which Shall Not Be Named

The same week that President Obama gave a foreign policy speech calling for the closing of Guantanamo Bay prison, winding down the War on Terror, and repeating his belief in peaceful Islam, a British soldier was beheaded and hacked to death by Islamists in the Woolwich section of London. Perhaps these evil men had not received the message that the threat is not Islamic and the threat of terrorism is subsiding. In reality though, the President and the left wing mainstream media would not admit that Islamism (Muslim extremism) remains a great threat. Though not all Muslims are terrorists, the majority of terrorists worldwide are Muslim.


To win a war we must know what we are up against, and to mislead the ideology of the enemy makes the threat more difficult to defeat.  These are not isolated acts of violence, but rather a worldwide network of terror from Islamists who wish to create a global caliphate to defeat Western civilization.

Wishing this were not true will not make it go away.

Since 9/11 numerous attacks against America have either been attempted or carried out. At the Fort Hood Army base, 13 U.S soldiers were murdered by an Islamist who was screaming “Allahu Akbar!” while gunning down soldiers in cold blood. In addition, an Islamist tried to blow up an American airliner in midair would have done so had an alert passenger not noticed smoke coming from his body where he had hidden the bomb.

There was also the Times Square bomber who tried to blow up an I.E.D, and again was only stopped due to an alert from a passerby and the bomber’s own malfunction. This bomber had been from Pakistan, and was working in the U.S. Then there was the brutal attack at the Benghazi diplomatic facility carried out on the anniversary of 9/11, in which four Americans died, including American ambassador Chris Stevens.

Tsarnaev BrothersThe most recent and most high profile attack was the Boston Marathon bombing. Two brothers, one of whom was a U.S. citizen, came to America from the terrorist safe haven country of Chechnya, just south of Russia, set off two improvised pressure-cooker bombs at the Boston marathon, killing 3 people, including a child, and wounding hundreds of others. In the aftermath of this attack like Fort Hood and the Time Square plot, commentators and politicians tried to avoid linking this gruesome attack to Islamists- instead blaming the Tea Party and “white Americans.”

When the truth came out that these two men were Islamists killing in the name of Jihad the mainstream media urged the public not to jump to conclusions, assuring us this had nothing to do with an ideology, just an issue of “self-radicalization.” In reality, as we would later learn, their mother, along with these terrorists, had become more radical over the years and blamed 9/11 on the U.S., the country which had provided them with welfare services, scholarships, and schooling.

We would also learn that the older brother had visited with Chechen radical mosques in Russia, and that they were related to a senior Chechen terrorist. They also posted Jihadist videos about killing Americans on their social media pages. They were clearly of the same ideology as those who targeted the U.S. before. They are clearly Islamic Jihadists determined to kill people they viewed as infidels.

eric-holder-ap-doj-phone-irs-scandal-1The media and left wing politicians continue to propagate the myth that these are isolated incidents that have nothing to do with Islam, and any attack is somehow the fault of American foreign policy. The Obama administration called the terrorist at Ford Hood who handed out Qurans the morning before the attack an act of “workplace violence.” Attorney General Holder has refused to use the terms radical Islam or Jihad when referring to acts of terror, and administration officials initially blamed a YouTube video for the terrorist attack on the Benghazi embassy on 9/11/2012. While the YouTube video was insensitive and hateful, it is protected under the first amendment, and clamping down on free speech goes against what American ideals. Furthermore, this video does not justify violence, and the fact that riots ensued throughout the Muslim world disproves Obama’s assertion that those who are not peaceful in the Muslim world is a small minority.

Despite the media cover up and left wing pandering to Islamists, evidence suggests that in reality, America is at war not with terror (which is a tactic) but with Islam. Andrew McCarthy, a Jihad expert and writer for the National Review refers to it as Islamic supremacy. This most certainly does not include all Muslims, but it is no small minority either. While people may not want to be at war, Islamic Jihadists are certainly at war with Western Civilization.

While the mainstream media does not like to connect the events such as the Jihad against Russia by Chechchen Islamists, the attacks against London, Bali, Thailand, Israel, Spain etc. are all connected and part of the Islamic Jihad on the West and its values. What do the Muslim clerics say? Well, some in the United States such as Brooklyn Imam Reda Shata who, according to the New York Times, called a female Palestinian homicide bomber who blew herself up a “martyr.” While many of these clerics condemn terrorism in public from their mosques, they preach hate and justification of terrorism.

While it cannot be denied that millions of Muslims believe in Jihad and violently forcing Islam on others, the question remains: What should be done? The answer is not to become more involved in Middle Eastern civil wars, like Syria where both sides have ties to Islamic terrorism. It is not to send our troops to rebuild nations, risking their lives for ungrateful people who often support terror. Instead, we should support our allies like Great Britain, Israel, and India in standing as a united front against Islamo-Fascism. We should elect politicians who understand that, like Communism and Nazism, Islamo-Fascism is a dangerous ideology which cannot be ignored.

The United States and her allies should continue to take out Al Qaeda leadership, and monitor radical Mosques and Imams who support subverting the Constitution and violent acts of terror. We should also secure the American-Mexican border. Immigration must be reformed to more closely look at Pakistani, Saudi, and Chechnya immigrants to prevent future terrorists, like the Boston bombers from entering the U.S. and becoming citizens. Focus should also be placed on the student visa program to bring more students from Latin America, Japan and Europe not from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Those on the terror watch list or a history of travel to Yemen, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia should be subjected to tight security at airports, not the 90 year-old American grandmas. The goal should be to understand the threat, not compromise. Security is sacrificed for the sake of “political correctness.” Taking some of these steps will help the U.S. to more effectively and wisely prevent terrorism and defeat Islamo-Fascism.


3 thoughts on “The Threat Which Shall Not Be Named

    1. Thank you, its important to raise awareness of this important issue and threat which our country faces.

  1. “Islamism (Muslim extremism) remains a great threat”. Hear hear.

    The UK government has set out its definition of “extremism” in its “Prevent” strategy (a free download). It neatly fits, like a glove, ordinary basic Islam. That means that ordinary orthodox Islam is itself extremism. Furthermore, because Islam commands violence against non-muslims (Koran 9:5, part of Islamic law, “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them”) this means that Islam itself is undistinguishable from “violent extremism”. Erdogan of Turkey made it clear ,“These terms are ugly and offensive. There is no “moderate” or “immoderate” Islam. Islam is Islam, and that is that.” The uncomfortable reality is that “Islamism” is Islam.
    See “Extremism – “There is a problem within Islam””


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