Michele Bachmann – Legacy or Future Leader?

michelle_bachmann_retireMichele Bachmann is a household conservative name across the country. She is a proud member of the Tea Party, a staunch fiscal conservative, and a caring and compassionate foster mother.

On Wednesday, May 29th, Michele Bachmann publicly announced that she would not seek re-election for her seat in the House of Representatives in 2014. In a video posted on her website, Bachmann cited personal reasons for the decision. She also mentioned that an eight year tenure is enough for a Congresswoman, much like the eight year term limit for the President of the United States.

Due to her announcement, many are questioning her plans for the future. Before delving into her possible plans, her past work must be examined, and highlighted.

After serving in the Minnesota Senate for six years, Michele Bachmann ran for Congress in 2006, in Minnesota’s sixth congressional district. Bachmann won her seat, and became the first Republican woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Minnesota.

Since its inception, Congresswoman Bachmann has been an active member of the Tea Party movement. Bachmann even established, and currently chairs the Tea Party Caucus, an official congressional caucus for U.S. Representatives, and Senators.

On June 27, 2011, Michele Bachmann formally announced her candidacy for President of the United States in Waterloo, IA, the town where she was born. Bachmann’s main platform points included cutting taxes, restoring the economy, balancing the budget, reducing government spending, the official repeal of Obamacare, and eliminating the national deficit.

Bachmann became the first woman ever to win the Ames, IA straw poll in 2011, with 29% of the vote. Despite her popularity at the Iowa State Fair, the event where the straw poll takes place, Bachmann suspended her presidential campaign after placing 6th in the Iowa caucuses.

Now that Bachmann has announced that she will not be seeking re-election, many are questioning if she plans to run for President in 2016. While she may be a favorite of many conservatives, it would not be plausible to conclude that this move is in any way related to a potential run for the White House in 2016.

A more realistic future for Congresswoman Bachmann would be similar to the likes of former Governor of Alaska, and former vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin; as a conservative activist. Michele Bachmann would make a fine leader of a conservative think-tank, advocacy group, or foundation. Bachmann could also become a conservative commentator in the media, expressing conservative ideas to the viewers of news networks across the nation.

As Bachmann continues to be admired, and adored by many conservatives, she should not dwindle into inexistence. Instead, Bachmann should utilize her national recognition to promote conservative ideas, and assist in the conservative cause from sea to shining sea.

Ultimately, Congresswoman Bachmann will continue to serve her congressional district for the next eighteen months. Throughout these months, Bachmann must analyze her career opportunities, and select her next move, which will inevitably decide her political fate.


2 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann – Legacy or Future Leader?

  1. I’m forced to respond to Vanessa Salman’s “Oops, they did it again: The Mainstream Media and their Tendency to ‘Forget’ the Right” via this article as comments are not allowed, but both pieces illuminate an interesting opinion of Bachmann.

    While Salman’s article diverges from Bachmann being the main point of focus – which I will articulate in due time – the notion that Bachmann was and is even deserved of representing Republicans at any level of governance is a farce. Bachmann and Palin have arguably done more to hurt the GOP’s appeal towards women than any male Republican alive.

    That being said (this section is all in response to Salman), the idea that the “liberal media bias” has in some way silenced necessary news because of its conservative slant tends to fall much closer to the realm of conspiracy than anything that is worth even a modicum of truth. While I’ll admit that the conglomerate of popular media sources does lean to the left, using the underreporting of the Bachmann-ISIS scare as an example of shoddy journalistic ethics is about as ludicrous as taking away a woman’s right to an abortion, and then making it more and more difficult for that woman to receive governmental help to care for the kid who you forced her to have in the first place.

    Bachmann is a right-wing extremist nut job, who’s only comparable antithesis is Nancy Pelosi. Not only does she not deserve to be newsworthy, the GOP should have put a gag order on her years ago. It’s idiotic to think that anyone who favors the conservative ideology and the Republican platform would allow such a woman to represent our party with such ignorance and stupidity…


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