This Week in History: June 2-8

By Seth Connell and Samantha Rozzell

American Civil War Ends- June 2, 1865

The long and bloody conflict between the United States (North) and Confederate States (South) finally ended. The signature of Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith surrendered the last remaining Confederate army in existence. The total death toll ended at 620,000 on both sides, making it the bloodiest war in American history.

First American Walked in Space- June 3, 1965

From the Gemini 4 capsule, Major Edward H. White II exited and became the first American to walk in space. White walked in space for just over 20 minutes, attached by a 25-foot tether. The Russians, however, were the first to have a man walk in space. The Gemini missions were not very famous, but they laid the groundwork for the Apollo missions that would land men on the moon.

Passing of the 19th Amendment- June 4, 1919

The amendment was introduced into the constitution. This prohibited any United States citizen from being denied the right to vote on the bias of sex. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton drafted the amendment in back in 1878. The Women suffrage battle last from the late 1800’s till 1919, many women that started the fight in 1878 never got to see Women have the right to vote.

FDR takes United States off the Gold Standard- June 5, 1933

In 1933, President Roosevelt and the U.S. Congress decided to go off the gold standard as a backup for its currency. Banks were forbidden from paying out gold or exporting it. On April 5 the same year, Roosevelt ordered all gold coins and certificates greater than $100 to be turned in for other money at the Federal Reserve by May 1 for the set prices of $20.67 an ounce.

D-Day Invasion Begins-June 6, 1944

The famous invasion of the Normandy beach began on this day. Approximately 176,000 allied troops from 6,000 landing craft deployed onto the beaches and marched across the European continent, freeing France in the first three months. This invasion marked the beginning of the end of the Third Reich’s rule in Germany.

Ronald Reagan Nominated for Governor of California- June 7, 1966

Ronald Reagan accepted the Republican nomination for Governor in California. He later went to win the race with a 57% of the vote, beating the incumbent Pat Brown. This was the moment that jumped started his career. Ronald Reagan later became the President Of the United States. He was the most conservative president in the 20th century that brought inflation down in the country; which created the economy to start growing again.

Civil Rights Act of 1866-June 8, 1866

The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was a law that mainly intended to protect the civil rights of African Americans. After the Civil War ended and the freedom for slaves were granted, law needed to be established to protect the safety of African Americans. This law later was the stepping-stone for other Civil Rights Acts that created equal rights for African Americans.



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