A Conservative in Hollywood?! Exclusive Interview with Actor Ken Wahl

If you’re a fan of movies from the 80s and 90s, you’ve probably heard of Ken Wahl. He’s known for his iconic role as Vinnie Terranova in Wiseguys and for being the husband of one of the infamous Barbi twins.It wasn’t until recent years that Ken became more vocal about his political beliefs.

“In observing what has transpired in America over the past several years, I became very concerned. I felt America was heading in a very precarious direction,” Ken explained. “The ‘trigger point’ for my going public was when Nancy Pelosi called on Congress to pass the Obamacare bill, and THEN discover what is contained therein. I was astonished that she would want to circumvent the very purpose of Congress, and pass a bill without even reading it first, especially a bill as far-reaching and complex as the Affordable Health Care act.”

There’s no denying that then Speaker of the House Pelosi’s comments, “We have to pass it to know what’s in it,” were absolutely absurd and something the entire country, both Republicans and Democrats, should have been outraged over. For the Speaker of the House to suggest that the United States Senate should pass a bill before even reading it and knowing the basic structure of what it is, is mind-boggling.

Ken elaborated, “I was further disturbed to realize that the media gave Ms. Pelosi a complete free pass for her dereliction of duties, never challenging her about these remarks or her cavalier, unprofessional demeanor toward her duties.”

As Ken points out, it is rather interesting to see what the mainstream media lets the Democrats get away with. From Mrs. Pelosi’s comments on Obamacare, to Vice President Joe Biden’s daily lip slip, the Liberal msm nearly always lets them slide unlike the Republicans who get attacked for drinking too much water and talking to empty chairs.

But with the majority of those in show business possessing a more liberal ideology like their media counterparts, one wonders where the group of rare conservatives in Hollywood acquired their political beliefs. Ken gives all the credit to his upbringing.

“As a child, my tremendous parents taught me that no one in this world owes me a thing. They said, ‘If you want to make something of yourself, you have to go out into the world and make it on your own.’ And that is exactly what I did. As a family, we were rather apolitical, so I had no conception of our way of life as being ‘Conservative.’ It was just life as we knew it.”

People believe that the majority of Hollywood is liberal because 90% of the famous people who speak out about politics favor the Democrats over Republicans. But what about those who don’t speak out? What about the potential closet Conservatives in Hollywood? Should they come forth and confess their political allegiance?

“If one is just starting out, attempting to build a career, I would suggest they do not speak up if they are Conservative. There is really nothing to gain,” Mr. Wahl explains. “The great majority of Hollywood is liberal, so for a neophyte to speak out about his/her Conservatism would not reveal the wisest of their judgment. On the other hand, however, if one is well established in their career, a proven revenue creator it matters not in the least what particular philosophy or political bent they pursue.”

Obviously Ken feels comfortable speaking out about his political beliefs because it is something he truly cares about and because he has been in the business for over 20 years.

“I do want to stress this though… in my many varied personal show business experiences, I never had anyone connected to my potential employment ask me about my religious or political beliefs as a condition for my employment. Never, not once.”

Aka the show business ≠the IRS.


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