Another Watergate?

We have all heard of Watergate. The scandals. The lies. The cover-up. You could call it a black cloud hovering over President Richard Nixon and his entire administration.
In light of the several scandals that have unfolded under the Obama administration, I wondered if history could possibly be repeating itself. I began comparing current scandals and quotes with those of the Nixon Administration. What I found is quite interesting…
I’m not going to take you entirely through Watergate or the recent scandals – that would take quite a while because of the mass amount of information. What I will compare though, are quotes from former President Richard Nixon and America’s current President Barack Obama. The similarities in how they spoke and even their facial expressions during scandals are uncanny.
Originally during Watergate, Nixon wasn’t even suspected. It all started with a burglary into the Democrats headquarters. It started small. The five men who broke into the Democrats building were caught, tried and convicted, but when two of the men involved in the break-in turned out to be former CIA agents, thing got a little fishy. {Nixon’s Presidential counsel John Dean was also involved, but this wasn’t revealed until later.}
The more investigators began digging into the break-in and the attempted cover-up, the more it proved that the corruption went a lot deeper than originally thought. Nixon’s response to Watergate? He said, “I can say categorically that… no one in the White House staff, no one in this administration, presently employed, was involved in this very bizarre incident.”
Such a familiar tune, right?
Shortly after he made these remarks, Nixon had his Presidential counsel, John Dean, “investigate” the burglary. On September 15, 1972 Nixon praised Dean saying, “The way you’ve handled it, it seems to me, has been very skillful, because you—putting your fingers in the dikes every time that leaks have sprung here and sprung there.”
Nixon had basically told Dean to investigate himself, THEN praised him for it. Sounds a little like President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, doesn’t it?
It was revealed on September 29, 1972 that the former Attorney General, John Mitchell, had headed up a system, run by Republicans, that was gathering negative information on the Democratic Party. Shortly after, the media began printing articles that suggested that maybe there was a bigger plan here. That maybe the corruption went all the way to the top. The Nixon administration passed it off as “wild accusations” and as liberal bias – just trying to politicize it, maybe?
In 1969 the administration illegally tapped the phones of five reporters and when a reporter published some negative things about on of Nixon’s friends, he found himself being audited.
On and on the scandals went, from 1971-1973 when Nixon was finally caught. He had finally been pinned down for the crimes he had committed, lied about, and tried to cover-up. Nixon still plainly stated that, “I’m not a crook.”
Nixon was eventually found guilty, impeached and resigned. Still claiming that everything he did as President was for the benefit of the United States.
September 11, 2012, right at the tail end of the 2012 Presidential election, there was an attack on an American embassy in Libya, Benghazi. Four Americans including the United States ambassador to Libya were brutally murdered. At the time, the Obama administration laid all blame for the attack at the feet of a YouTube video that mocked Allah. The video’s creator was later arrested and thrown into prison.
As we all know, the September 11th attack didn’t give President Obama’s administration a mark and he cruised his way into office for a second term.
In May of this year, the possibility that the Benghazi talking points had been revised – twelve times – emerged. These “stylistic” edits, though, were said to have removed key pieces of evidence suggesting a terror attack instead of a YouTube video. The President himself wouldn’t reference it as a terrorist attack.
Through the next few days and weeks, a greater scheme was proposed. Mr. Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and America’s ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice had attempted to play down the Benghazi attacks which might have hurt the Presidential election. The embassy called for back-up and Americans want to know why the then Secretary of State Clinton, in charge of the embassy, didn’t send reinforcements when asked for them. Answers have yet to be given, but you might find Mr. Obama’s response to the accusations ironically familiar:
“There’s no ‘there’ there,” Mr. Obama said. “The fact that this keeps on getting churned out, frankly, has a lot to do with political motivations.”
Several months after Benghazi erupted, another scandal came out. The IRS admitted to having targeted Conservative and Tea Party groups during the 2012 Presidential election. The Presidents response? “I learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this,” said the president. “I think it was on Friday.”
Republicans and Conservatives were and still are furious about the obvious lack of action and apparent lack of knowledge at the White House… Kind of like Nixon had – no knowledge of anything negative and certainly no involvement.
Right after that, the AP scandal was revealed. The Justice Department, led by Attorney General Eric Holder, snatched the phone records of 20 telephones that at least 100 different reporters used. The infuriating part about this was that seizures require a warrant – the Justice Department not only took the records without a warrant, but it was secretly. Also, FOX News’ James Rosen had his phone records and private emails taken by the Justice Department, also without a warrant. Could Rosen having written an article on a delicate government matter prior to having his records taken, had anything to do with this warrantless search? {Same thing that Nixon did in the ‘70’s.}
When President Obama was asked about his involvement regarding the AP Scandal? In short, he defended the actions of Eric Holder {NIXON!}, and dubbed the secrecy involved “national security”.

There is so much more I could share, and tell you, but I hope that maybe I’ve shown you enough facts that you just consider the fact that MAYBE Obama isn’t as innocent as he – or his Administration – may claim.
It’s time that we, as Americans, stop looking at the different parties. Stop looking at the people.
It’s time we started looking for truth.


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