The Culture Decline

The Bible tells us that all men have a sin nature. We don’t tend towards goodness, we tend towards evil. {Hence the great need for a Savior…} Unlike evolutionists who believe that the Bible completely contradicts Science, the Second Law of Thermodynamics supports the Bible. It states that things are going to grow more and more decayed, or corrupted, instead of getting better.
You can tell by culture that we live in, that the Bible knew exactly what it was talking about.
Our America – the America that was built upon Christ and Biblical principles – has seemed to disappear. We live in a culture that apparently thrives on going against Biblical principles. Our culture promotes alcoholic beverages, we live in a time where one cannot escape the vast amount of curse words that people utter on a daily basis, somehow killing babies is completely “humane” and accepted as the normal, and gay lifestyles are promoted and encouraged, even in young children.
Sounds more like Sodom than the America that our forefathers gave their entire beings to establishing and preserving.
Yes, America was founded as a place of freedom, but when in giving everyone their freedom did we lose our morals? Our integrity? Common sense even? When was the point where we reached the “we don’t need God or His Christianity anymore” attitude that a lot of people seem to have?
Last week, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage in California. On Friday there was a gay pride festival, which the famed singer Lady Gaga opened with “The Star Spangled Banner.” While holding a rainbow flag, she began. When she reached the part where the song says “land of the free and home of the brave!” she sang “land of the free and home of the gay.”
This was a blatant disrespect for our Anthem.
The fact that you can go to jail for stealing your mom’s Pop Tart, but NOT when you disrespect the national anthem or when you stomp on the flag (Lil Wayne), is a complete misuse of the word “tolerance”.
The following Bible verse speaks about a remedy God gave for this. My prayer is that America will wake up and realize how great we once were and that we could be there again – but that we got there with God – not on our own.
“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” – 2 Chronicles 7:14


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5 thoughts on “The Culture Decline

  1. Just curious: are you suggesting that there be a punishment for stepping on the flag? Or was it simply a rhetorical point?

      1. It does. In which case my question would be twofold: 1) though you dislike and find it objectionable to stomp on the flag is it not within the rights of Americans to do so, though they will need to deal with the backlash and criticism? And 2) how would arresting people be within the bounds of moral and/or ethical?

        Mind you, I am not trying to nitpick, your article intrigued me and I had a couple questions.

  2. You are very correct – I did and do realize it isn’t within our rights as Americans, please do know that.. I was really comparing how ridiculous, to me, it is that you can go to jail over something like a Pop-tart, but not for the disrespecting the flag. Yes, I do wish, however that it had been at least verbally punished – if that makes sense? Pertaining to the arresting, I do not mean it as really any longer than 24 hours – basically as a scare tactic – hope that makes sense. In my state, juvenile delinquents spend the day in a jail, in hopes that they will see what really happens when you break the law. That is what I was referring to, and will make sure to clarify my meaning in further articles.

    I appreciate your kindness in your questions! I have had extremely unkind questions before, so I greatly appreciate your kindness. Thank you! {and I hope, by my answers, you can see where I was coming from.}


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