Republicans For Punk…Maybe

You love punk.

You do. You just don’t know it yet. I get it. I really do. Most Republicans and Conservatives tend to like pro-America genre music, like country. But let’s be honest that’s not pro-America music, that’s pro neoconservative values. You want pro-American music? Look to punk. Don’t believe me just take some time to listen to it.
The heart of punk is, fundamentally, that of rebellion. Rebellion against a government one finds to be unjust and/or tyrannical in nature. Admittedly, many of the punk bands in America who sing on issues of a political nature tend to be rather idealistic young liberals. But that’s okay. Because, let’s be honest here, America was founded on rebellion, on the desire for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and on the right to hold one’s own beliefs without the government violating those rights. But, you may ask, how is punk for America? They regularly bash the system and hate on capitalism and want the government to go to hell. But see: that’s exactly why you, if you are a conservative, should love them. They hate the government just as much as you for different though no less legitimate reasons. Maybe hate is too strong a word but either way one slices it there is disdain for the government.
Don’t believe me? Read some of the following lyrics:
From Anti-Flag:
“They call that being a patriot
I just call it ignorant
If you don’t fight to make things better
Then you’re the one betraying the country”

From Propoghandi: ”
So much for your hopes and your dreams and your children.
You just sat there believing in this bull**** system.
Just wishing the mob would magically come to its senses.
How does it make you feel to know you just stood by and watched it?”

The point of all these lyrics is that you need to fight for a belief. So you get angry about something, well do something about it. That’s what punk is about at its core. It wants action, desires action. It would rather have action than the right belief. Are they liberal, anti-capitalists? Yeah, but that’s okay because at least they want something from their country and don’t blindly support the norm. No one is asking you to agree with their beliefs but consider the soul of the genre before one throws it out.



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