He’s Back! Jim Carrey Strikes Again

He is at it… again! Yesterday, July 7th, actor Jim Carrey took to Twitter to yet again openly voice his opposition to assault rifles. In his tweet, Carrey said, “Asslt rifle fans, I do not agree wth u, nor do I fear u but I do love u and I’m sorry tht in my outrage I called you names. That was wrong.” He ended with some deranged form of a smiley face.

Carrey followed up this statement with continuing, “Btw I don’t need a crisis mgr, just a conscience. Calling ppl names is inappropriate but my position on assault weapons hasn’t changed.”

In case you haven’t been following the riveting (…) conversation Jim Carrey has been having about assault weapons, let me get you up to speed. Following the heartbreaking murder of 27 innocent children and elementary school employees at Sandy Hook back in December 2012, Carrey, who has starred in numerous violence prone films, has supposedly had a change of heart, and feels compelled to speak out against assault weapons.

Back in March, Carrey released a video made with Funny or Die entitled, “Cold Dead Hand” which mockingly attacked gun owners. Along with his video, the actor tweeted, “‘Cold Dead Hand’ is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids…” Because obviously, anyone who supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms wants to do away with “the safety of our kids.”

But making a video just wasn’t enough! Oh no. Shortly after the trailer for his gun-toting, violence filled movie Kick-Ass 2 came out in June, Carrey said, “I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence. My apologies..”

Following his surprising announcement about his refusal to support his own film, he received some backlash, and rightly so. Even if he had a “change of heart” following the atrocious shootings back in December, refusing to promote a film he had already completed and signed a contract for was probably not the right way to go. And he might be breaking his contract by refusing to do his job.

“Publicity, promotion, and marketing are just as important to the success of a film as the quality of the film itself, and it is crucial for a distributor to tightly control all aspects of the branding and imaging of the film,” said producer Gary Michael Walters.

Although it is admirable that Carrey is standing up for what he believes in, post-change of heart, calling out ordinary people as “motherf%ckers” for supporting the Second Amendment, making a video mocking guns and their owners, and bringing negative attention to his own film probably isn’t the best way to do it.

As we all have learned since Sandy Hook and the many killing sprees that have taken place before and since, guns are a very difficult issue to debate in America. The stances vary from banning all assault weapons, to forming a larger, stronger gun registry, to simply making areas such as public schools safer. We are nowhere near a conclusion and probably won’t be for a long period of time.

But as Socrates once said, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” So Jim Carrey, instead of running your mouth and making yourself look like a complete imbecile, why don’t you actually present an intelligent defense of the beliefs you seem so passionate about. You might actually have an stimulating debate with someone instead of a back-and-forth game of who can come up with a better derogatory name to call the opposition.

…Just a thought.


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