Dangers of the Gang of 8 Bill: Why We Must Secure the Border

Is there one person out there who can think of one solid reason that the United States should not secure its southern border? For weeks now, I have networked out of social media and asked in person if there is one reason they can think of. In all the span of about 4 weeks, there has not been one response on a legitimate reason (if anyone has one, by all means, explain below!). Even out of Washington, I have not seen or heard of one legitimate argument that we should not secure our border.US mexico border

The fact of the situation is that there are approximately 11-12 million people living here illegally. Can they all be deported? Theoretically, yes; but who has the manpower, will and time to do that (not to mention tearing apart families, regardless of their unlawful entry)? So in actuality, these people will not be deported. Can they be granted citizenship? Theoretically, yes; but this happened in 1986 as well. Amnesty was granted, but the border was not secured, as was promised to have happened later. The situation has only multiplied by 4 since then.

Since the “promised” border security from the 1986 amnesty bill did not happen, why do people think it is a different situation today? If unchecked, illegal immigration will continue, and we will have millions more illegals living in the country. The fact that certain states like New York offer driver’s licenses to illegals just goes to show how bad the situation really has become. Has the United States come to reward unlawful behavior? When it comes to immigration, it seems that is the case.

In the “Gang of 8” immigration bill, there is a long process that is in essence a pathway to citizenship. No matter how long the process will be, these people who have come here illegally will be rewarded with citizenship. Let’s look at a hypothetical situation: assume that within 10 years, all current illegal aliens will be full U.S. citizens. There are a few very dangerous consequences to this.
First, all of these people will become eligible for welfare benefits (food stamps, Medicaid etc.). Maybe not all 12 million will become dependent on these programs, but what if even half become dependents? That’s another 6 million people being added to the welfare system, which is already draining the federal budget to absurd levels. That means additional taxpayer dollars will go to these new citizens for their benefits.

The bipartisan group of senators, nicknamed the "Gang of 8."
The bipartisan group of senators, nicknamed the “Gang of 8.”

Second major problem: if these people are made legal citizens, not only will they live here, but if they can, they will bring their entire family to the United States. There is no exact number on how many millions of people that could be. Let’s say hypothetically that 1 extra person will come in for every alien made legal. What were 12 million new legal residents turns into 24 million; and those people will compete for jobs and they will also receive taxpayer funded benefits (this just being a very conservative hypothetical estimate).

Third major problem: the Gang of 8’s bill does not combat crime in any effective way whatsoever. Jordan Sekulow, executive director for the American Center for Law and Justice, explained with TheBlaze that any newly legalized citizen (RPI: Registered Provisional Immigrant) that is charged with, for example, 8 misdemeanors in one act, that RPI will only be charged with 1 misdemeanor. A multiple amount of charges brought up by one criminal act will only be charged as one crime. Not only can multiple charges be reduced to one, but the Secretary of Homeland Security can choose at their discretion to waive any charges in the interest of “keeping families together” (for interview, click link below).

This sign warns of prosecution if one does not present themselves to an immigration officer. But from what we can all see, that has not been happening as much as it should be.
This sign warns of prosecution if one does not present themselves to an immigration officer. But from what we can all see, that has not been happening as much as it should be.

Let me present this: does that really sound fair? All the people who waited to come here legally took all the right steps and followed the law to become citizens; but now those who violated immigration and customs law are being rewarded with citizenship and limited immunity from criminal prosecution! Even to natural-born citizens, this is completely unfair. For a crime that a natural-born citizen would go to jail for, on multiple accounts and face multiple fines, these new RPI’s will not be subject to the laws like everyone else.

What can be done? Well what should have been done is that the laws already on the books should have been enforced. If these laws were fully enforced, this national discussion may not even be happening. But for starters, the southern border must be secured. With an open and unsecured border, anyone can simply walk into the United States and do whatever plan they may have.

What if terrorist networks got smart and started to infiltrate through the U.S.-Mexico border to try and make a Boston bombing incident every other week? What if a group of Chinese nationals crossed the border and set up a network that could black out the entire East Coast power grid? The fact that anyone of these groups can simply walk in with little resistance is not only dangerous, but unfair and immoral for the people of the United States.

The immigration system must also be fixed to make legal immigration easier. We are nation of immigrants; there is no question of that. But the people that decided to come to the United States had to come here legally (many through Ellis Island) and go through a process to legally arrive here. Now our immigration system is broken; coming legally to the United States has become a long a bureaucratic nightmare for all immigrants, and coming here illegally has become the better option. There must be priorities though; secure the border first, to stop the invasion (that’s what it really is) at the source. At the same time, customs and immigration must be overseen by Congress to ensure that the Visa system is smoothed and that legal immigration becomes the easiest and obvious choice.border fence

The question is if the American people will educate themselves about this bill, see its consequences, and demand that the House does not pass the bill. Simply put, the immigration needs reform; the illegal alien population that resides in the United States is testament to that. Will the people do their homework though, and demand that real, enforceable legislation is passed that will actually do what it claims to do? Only time will tell, but it is up to the American people to demand the right course of action.

Interview with Jordan Sekulow: http://aclj.org/jordan-sekulow-blaze-proposed-immigration-laws


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