Politicizing, Maybe?

I know that we’ve all heard about the Zimmerman Trial – it’s would be nearly impossible not to.

George Zimmerman was charged with the murder of seventeen year old, Trayvon Martin, in what the liberal media classified as a “classic case of racism.” Zimmerman was tried by a jury and, late Saturday night, was declared innocent in the case of Martin’s death.

You would assume, that after a trial, the public would peacefully accept the verdict of a jury, even though you might not necessarily agree — at least that’s what you would assume…

Unfortunately, starting Saturday, protests began – but not peaceful protests. These protests included broken windows, the burning of American flags, and loud marches. In California, one protest was so large, that it blocked an entire road for over fifteen minutes. New York City even had a protest in Central Park.. Keep in mind, the altercation between Zimmerman and Martin, took place in Florida….

Remember, back when Benghazi was really revealed, how the President – and his Administration – accused the GOP of politicizing a tragedy? Well, it seems as though the Administration has forgotten not to do that.

The President has used Trayvon Martin’s death, as yet another push for his gun ban.

“The death of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy.  Not just for his family, or for any one community, but for America.  I know this case has elicited strong passions.  And in the wake of the verdict, I know those passions may be running even higher.  But we are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken.  I now ask every American to respect the call for calm reflection from two parents who lost their young son.  And as we do, we should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to widen the circle of compassion and understanding in our own communities.  We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis.  We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this.  As citizens, that’s a job for all of us.  That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.”

What Zimmerman did was found to be in self-defense… If your head is being cracked against a concrete sidewalk, you would do everything in your power to defend yourself – and that’s what Zimmerman did.

Ah, but there’s one more very interesting twist to this case.. Zimmerman was acquitted, correct? Well, Attorney General Eric Holder, along with the Department of Justice, have taken it upon themselves to “aggressively investigate” Zimmerman’s case. They have even set up a special email just for Zimmerman tips.

Why Holder’s sudden interest, though? Why launch an investigation into this, when you obviously seem incapable of investigating any other case you’re given? Is the Obama Administration possibly worried that justice was actually served – without partisanship? That maybe — just maybe, justice and truth aren’t completely dead?

Just a thought.


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