Terrorist Linked CAIR Pushes Islamization in American Public Schools

An organization with links to Islamist terror groups Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood have now successfully pushed for Muslim students in a Michigan school to leave early Fridays and be permitted to Muslim prayers then and during breaks in school. According to an article, in the past C.A.I.R opposed excused absences for Bible classes for Christian students at the local Baptist church they argued then that it was a violation of the separation of church and state for the school to allow this. The school submitted to C.A.I.R in that case and that program was terminated since the permission slips came from the teachers.

The bottom line is two fold number one yet again as has been documented throughout the country school districts seem to be much more accommodating of the religious needs of Muslims while when it comes to Jews and Christians ACLU and the left seem to fight any expression of Judaism or Christianity in the pubic schools even opposing the mention of God in the pledge of allegiance. Concerning as well is the fact that in this case in Dearborn, Michigan CAIR is chosen to represent the Muslim students. CAIR is well known for having ties to terrorist groups and are co-conspirators in The Holy Land Foundation Trial accused of funneling money to Islamist terrorist groups overseas.

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota have called for a federal investigation into CAIR’s terrorist ties in the past. The fact that this terror linked group is representing these students without any protest, points to a more nefarious intention. Furthermore why should a group tied to terrorist groups be granted any legitimacy by public schools or anyone? Here is the full American Spectator article, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have talked about undermining Western civilization from within or what they call Civilization Jihad why would this group of students in Michigan want to be associated with such a group pushing Islamist supremacist ideology?


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