Benghazi Survivors Sworn to Secrecy

Ambassador Chris Stevens, Dohetry, Woods, and Smith were killed in a terrorist attack on 9/11/12.
Ambassador Chris Stevens, Dohetry, Woods, and Smith were killed in a terrorist attack on 9/11/12.

On September 11, 2012, the eleventh anniversary of the deadliest act of terrorism in American history, another terrorist attack on American soil occurred. The event happened under cover of darkness in Benghazi, Libya, a very unstable region of the world. Our consulate was attacked, and four American diplomats were murdered, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. It was the first time in about 40 years that a US ambassador had been killed.

Although testimony has been given on the terrorist attack and the coverup that followed, there are still many questions. Yesterday it was revealed that the Obama Administration has sworn the survivors to secrecy, probably around 30 Americans in total.

So what do we know about the Benghazi terror attacks?


WASH. TIMES: Even though Chris Stevens and his team requested additional security at least 14 times, the State Department, an extension of the Obama Administration, drew down security forces in Benghazi and left Americans exposed in a hostile environment.

ABC NEWS: The Obama Administration denied requests for additional security, despite both the instability of the region and approaching anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

ABC NEWS: President Obama skipped about 40 percent of his daily intel briefings (President Bush skipped less than one percent), including the week leading up to the 9/11/12 attacks.

THE HILL: The Consulate in Benghazi received repeated threats in the weeks leading up to the attack.

CNN: Excerpts from Stevens’ journal reveal he feared for his life in the days leading up to the terrorist attack and his resulting death.

BENGHAZI: THE DEFINITIVE REPORTThe Obama Administration had authorized a secret war in Libya. US counterterrorism units were hunting down al Qaeda members as the militants took advantage of the recently-toppled Libyan government (Obama -authorized US air support helped topple government). Benghazi was one of the top cities in the Middle East for al Qaeda recruitment. Yet Stevens’ security forces were cut by two-thirds.


CBS NEWS: Whistleblower reveals that special forces were told to “stand down” before the 2nd attack which put 30 Americans at risk, killing 2 former Navy Seals. No help outside of Libya was sent in the 7 hour window.

FOX NEWS: CIA operators on the ground in Benghazi were denied requests for help during the attacks. At least two of the men killed in the attack engaged the militants without consent from the State Department; it is likely their efforts saved dozens of lives.

REUTERS: Less than two hours into the seven hour assault on the US consulate, the White House was told that a militant group connected to al Qaeda was claiming responsibility for the attacks.

CBS NEWS: The White House was e-mailed throughout the attack with updates and details of the attacks, indicating they were aware this was a terrorist attack and not a mob protest.

CNS NEWS: There was no intelligence regarding a YouTube video or mob protest, which was the Obama Administration’s story for approximately 14 days.


THE WEEKLY STANDARD: The Administration’s “talking points” were altered to obscure the truth.

COMMENTARY MAGAZINE: Despite claims to the contrary, President Obama and the media continued to blame a YouTube video and protest for the murders of four American diplomats.

FOX NEWS: Within 48 hours, it was confirmed that events on 9/11/12 were a two-part al Qaeda-style attack, and had nothing to do with a YouTube video or protest.

YOUTUBE: President Obama and his team, however, continued to blame a YouTube video, even at the United Nations 17 days later.

CNN: At least two weeks after the attacks, the FBI was not permitted by the State Department to investigate the actual “crime scene.”

FOX NEWS: Timeline of breaking news in video form:


YOUTUBE: In a hearing, Hillary Clinton exclaims “What difference does it make…how they were killed?!” but later admits the attackers were terrorists.

YOUTUBE: Secretary of Defense Panetta says that Obama was told of the attacks during the attacks, but the President did not ask for updates and was not in the Situation Room.

YOUTUBE: In Congressional hearings, whistleblowers reveal that special forces were told to stand down. 

CBS NEWS: Obama Administration witholding identities of survivors.

FORBES: Survivors of Benghazi have been sworn to secrecy…. There were dozens of attackers on 9/11/12, and it is not known if any of the attackers have been captured or killed.



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