Advocate Conservatism -David Southall

By David Southall @BCCpatriot

In my teens and early twenties I found myself leaning hard to the Left. I was the classic Clinton liberal who grew up in the 90s. I saw a great talker who played the sax and had girls loving him. I listened to the media claiming he was saving our economy- they never mentioned Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. I thought Clinton was a brilliant economist- I even believed he was a Constitutionalist. Quite frankly, I was a misinformed, young, and ignorant kid. I thought we should help everyone, thought everyone should have healthcare, I didn’t get inflation or deflation. I obviously didn’t think about who was going to pay for it.

Somewhere around 2002 I began reading more about Reagan. I also read Orwell and Rand. I became more interested in ideology and creating a more inclusive brand of Constitutional Conservatism with a Libertarian influence that the middle class can be apart of, and the wealthy and poor would respect. Over the past few years, that ideology became Blue Collar Patriots, based on Constitutional and Fiscal Conservatism and Social Libertarianism. I believe too often the staunch Conservatives lose due to Social Conservatism. I don’t disagree with them on a personal level, but we govern for the masses.

If we as a party stick to a Constitutional and Fiscal Conservative message, we will be hard to beat. A small representative central government, a fair and balanced tax system, strong military, total equality amongst the people all races, sexes, sexualities, and strong state rights are the breeding ground for strong and just federal legislation.

We must avoid putting our personal social beliefs in our politics. Not all Americans are pro-Christ or pro-life, but all want safety. We should approach abortion at the clinics, make ALL health facilities follow stricter standards. Remember at all times that the Constitution says that we are all created equally- this is important especially when it comes to same-sex marriage. Also, remember it guarantees religious freedoms. These aren’t just for Christians, but all recognized religion. Obviously, Jihad is not acceptable and is more of a declaration of war rather than a religious belief. We should welcome immigrants that follow the law and go through the proper channels. However, government should be limited and help the able by teaching skilled trades that can propel them out of poverty.

It sounds simple enough, but the media and uninformed do not allow the message to be brought to the masses. They distort the truth and tarnish our ideology. Also, too many do not know how to articulate the ideology and allow personal factors to cloud the message. Teach this idea and we will win, share this ideology and we will renew our Constitutional values.


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