Pro-Choice Against Those without a Voice

Over the past few weeks, the abortion debate has caused quite a few headlines. From the trial of Kermit Gosnell, to President Obama being the first sitting President to speak at the Planned Parenthood national convention, to more recent debates over the highly controversial issue, abortion has proved to be a hot topic over 40 years after it was made legal.

Although the pro-choice crowd often likens anti-abortion advocates as “waging a war on women” and being “anti-women,” supporters of the pro-life movement have done absolutely nothing to deserve such censor. Pro-lifers have stood up against corrupt abortion facilities to provide hospital-like care for those receiving abortions, have passed laws which require women to have an ultrasound pre-abortion so that they truly understand what they are doing, and other sensible actions to make sure that abortions are, in the words of President Clinton, “Safe, legal, and rare.”

But in the eyes of the pro-choicers, this is outrageous! How dare those who support the rights of human life at all stages try to make people realize that abortion is actually murder! How dare they try to make abortion facilities cleaner, more organized, and a safer environment! How dare they do anything that would prove that they’re not anti-woman, but simply what they claim to be: pro-life.

Of course, the pro-choice crowd could not support the destruction of their so well made up “war on women.” They will literally do anything in their power to attack their opposition, and portray them as mindless women with overpowering men demanding them to stay at home, have babies, and make sandwiches. And so, I give to you….

The Top 5 Pro-Choice Crazies of 2013

5. Nancy Pelosi– Shocker, right? I think not. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has been known over the past several decades as a staunch Democrat, and she is not going to let anything to mess up that hard fought reputation. She won’t even let her religious beliefs get in the way of keeping her as far Left as possible. In June, Congresswoman Pelosi was asked why she refused to support a bill banning late term abortions to which she replied, “As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me… This shouldn’t have anything to do with politics,” Yeah, you heard her right. A bill banning late term abortions, something which the Catholic church is very firmly against, has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Last time I check, bills and abortion both had a lot to do with politics. Of course, Mrs. Pelosi knows more than all of us about politics, and since she’s had five children herself, I guess that redeems her choice to go against her church’s stance on abortion. After all, only those crazy Republicans let their religious beliefs and convictions interfere with politics.

4. Sandra Fluke- I mean, the woman just can’t keep her mouth shut. Her mind is literally focused on sex, contraceptives, and praising President Obama 24/7. Back in February, she Fluke was on MSNBC talking about the Obamacare mandate and how it’s absolutely ridiculous that employers would try to deny certain coverage because of religious beliefs. Fluke stated, “Now if you take a step back and think about that, that’s –you know, you work at a restaurant, you work at a store, and your boss is able to deny you leukemia coverage, or contraceptive coverage, or blood transfusions, or any number of medical concerns that someone might have a religious objection to.” Your eyes aren’t messing up, she really did compare leukemia and blood transfusions cover to free condoms and birth control.

3. The Pro-Choicers of Texas- Don’t mess with Texas… pro-choicers, or they’ll throw crap your way… literally. During the Texas state legislatures debate over banning abortions after 20 weeks, quite a large crowd gathered both at the Texas capitol and in the media on both sides of the debate to watch the showdown. At times, the crowd gathered in Texas got quite rowdy. Along with chanting, “Hail Satan!” pro-choicers brought along jars of urine and feces which they had planned to throw on pro-life legislators. To the dismay of the abortion activists who worked hard to prepare the ammunition and glee of the rather lucky targets, police officers confiscated the jars before any damage could be done.

2. The Pro-Choicers of Texas: Part 2- As if the whole debacle in Texas couldn’t get any more disturbing, abortion activists decided that since Governor Rick Perry was an atrocious monster for supporting human life, they had to do something about him. And maybe even make a little bit of money for the lovely Planned Parenthood while they’re at it. So the brains of the pro-choice Texas movement came up with none other than… Rick Perry voodoo dolls! For just $25, any pro-choicer can be the proud owner of their very own Perry voodoo doll. And I’m pretty sure they think the “magic” is working because Perry recently announced he won’t be seeking re-election. Psh! He’s running scared from Superwoman a.k.a. Wendy Davis.



1. Melissa Harris-Perry- I know, I know. I didn’t think it was possible she could’ve come up with something better than community raised children either, but Melissa Harris-Perry has outdone herself yet again. In the middle of her Sunday morning show on MSNBC, Harris-Perry took off her regular earrings and replaced them with none other than… tampons in the form of earrings. She was just absolutely outraged that earlier this month, the Texas legislature had to ban tampons from the premises. What Harris-Perry didn’t explain was that the reason for this was because pro-choicers decided to bring in used tampons as a prop during their protests. Not only is that flat out disgusting, that’s also unsanitary. But that didn’t stop Harris-Perry from donning her tampon earrings whilst ranting about the abortion is the best thing since sliced bread. Not surprisingly, the outlash that ensued was strong and varied. Her reply? She merely tweeted, “Sigh…”

In all seriousness, the abortion debate is a very difficult one. Abortion not only affect the life that is terminated, but also the lives of the would-be parents. It’s mind blowing to think that over one million babies are aborted each year– 0.3% because of rape, 0.3% because of incest, 0.1% because of risk to the mothers life, and 98% elective. The ideology of “safe, legal, and rare” has been pushed aside for a new abortion system of quick, convenient, and often.


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