Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground Defined

This phrase has been flying all over the news media and social media, but what is it exactly? The Stand Your Ground law means you can use whatever means necessary to protect yourself from an attacker. Some states laws vary. In some states, such as Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, and many other states, stand your ground only applies to your home of residence or your vehicle, this is known as the Castle Doctrine. In these states you have to be in your vehicle or said residence. In other states, such as Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and a handful of others, stand your ground applies to any situation in which you fear great bodily harm or death to your person, no matter where you are at the time of the attack. This was the case in Florida with the George Zimmerman case. George Zimmerman felt his life was in danger, so he used the only means he had available to protect himself. However, in most states a warning shot can actually turn a simple self-defense case into a criminal conviction, as was the case of the woman who defended herself after her abusive ex-husband entered her home illegally. Another restriction is that if a person chooses to run away from the victim, the victim no longer has reasonable cause to use deadly force.

Threats to Stand Your Ground Laws

Stand Your Ground is a critical part of our second amendment right to keep and bear arms, to defend ourselves and our property. However, there are those who would try to take this away from you. There are currently legislation’s to try to repeal this law. What these government officials do not want to realize is that it is up to each state to decide its own Stand Your Ground law. Each state decides whether it wants to honor the second amendment right to bear arms to defend one’s self, or institute the duty-to-retreat law, which states one must make all efforts to evade the attacker before using deadly force to protect themselves. There has even been a recent bill introduced that would allow the Federal Government to cut funding to states that refuse to repeal Stand Your Ground Laws. This is not only absurd but a direct violation of the Second Amendment.

The Liberal Anti-gun Lie

The Liberals would like you to believe that you do not need to use deadly force in any circumstance. For example, they claim that instead of a woman defending herself from rape using a firearm, that they should use certain means to “turn the attacker off.” They are trying to take dignity away from women in these situations. Maybe if an attacker assumed a woman was carrying a firearm we would see a drastic drop in these horrific violent crimes. They are even using the death of other people, such as Trayvon Martin to try to repeal these laws. Even President Obama endorsed the Stand Your Ground Law while serving as a Senator in Illinois, and now he is trying to push states to repeal their Stand Your Ground Laws.

The Truth

There were surveys done with convicted violent felons. In these situations, the felons admitted if they felt a homeowner or a potential victim on the street was carrying a firearm they would think twice before going through with the attack or crime. We cannot listen to the Liberal lie. We must fight to protect our right to defend ourselves, using deadly force if necessary. It is our duty as citizens to spread the truth to those who have been brainwashed into believing a lie.


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