NBC Plans Hillary Clinton Miniseries Pre-2016 Election

677px-Msc2012_20120204_408_Clinton_Hillary_Frank_PlittFormer First Lady, Senator, Democrat Presidential candidate, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is the latest celebrity-esq politician to be glamorized with a TV miniseries based on her life. NBC announced July 27th that they are planning a four-hour series that will cover her time as First Lady of the United States to Secretary of State. Seasoned actress Diane Lane is set to star as Hillary.

Given NBC’s history of being a left-leaning network, there is no doubt that this miniseries will spotlight Hillary as one of the leading women of the world and a hero for all womankind. In all honesty, has Hillary really done anything to deserve such praise as she is bound to receive?

Read the full article here. Written by Julia Porterfield for A New Voice.


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