Oh, ObamaCare..

We have all heard about ObamaCare — more times than we can count, I’m sure. Lately, we have been hearing about it quite a bit more.

According to the Obama Administration, ObamaCare broadens the Medicare scope by providing medical care to people who would not normally have access to it. It is also said to come complete with extra services which, really, give you a better bang for your buck.

What it appears that the Administration left out, is how ObamaCare is going to affect small businesses. More rules, penalties, and taxes on business owners and employers. These types of rules will discourage small business owners from hiring more employees, which, in turn, will hurt the “middle class”. Ironically, the President is currently on a speaking tour for creating more jobs in the particular class that ObamaCare seems like it will affect.

ObamaCare is also so marvelous, that there were rumors that Congress tried to exempt itself from it, although no one ever admitted that this was the case. The Administration continues to back it 100 percent.

There are, on the other hand, some who want to see ObamaCare extinct — and have made a bill to completely defund it.

Originally started as an amendment by Senator Ted Cruz,  Senator Lee picked it up and seems to be taking it from there.. On July 9th, Sen. Lee fired back to the Administration’s decision to enforce certain ObamaCare particulars on families, but not on employers.

“Delaying the employer mandate and exchange verification rules is the latest and most damning admission by the administration that ObamaCare was poorly crafted, remains unworkable, and, if implemented, will hurt American families, businesses, and our economy. The only solution is to fully repeal ObamaCare and start over with a more sensible, practical approach to fix our health care system.”   “Short of full repeal, however, those of us who care about the health care and security of the American people still have a duty to act. If the president has decided he won’t enforce his law as it is written, then Congress should not fund any further implementation of it at all.”

Many Republican Senators believe that ObamaCare is unconstitutional and support Lee’s proposal. Rand Paul {R-KY}, Marco Rubio {R-FL}, and Ted Cruz {R-TX}, are among the several in support of this bill.

Some, such as Sen. Coburn, are in agreement with the great urgency to push a “defund” to the ObamaCare train wreck – they just believe that there is a better way than a governmental shutdown.

Then there are those who wholeheartedly disagree.

Such as, Sen. Richard Burr, Republican Senator of North Carolina. Last Thursday he stated that Lee, Cruz, and Rubio’s bill, was the “dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of.”  Others at odds with Lee’s bill, are John McCain {R-AZ}, Roy Blunt {R-MO}, and Tom Cole {R-OK}

Sen. Cruz joined Glenn Beck on The Blaze Radio Monday morning and asked for concerned Americans to, “Go to dontfundit.com, sign the petition, get ten of your friends to sign.. Call your Senators and Representatives and tell them to stand up to ObamaCare..”

FreedomWorks is, too, asking for all to get involved by calling their Senators to let them know what THEY think about ObamaCare and sign this petition, to help Sen. Lee defund it.

Talk Radio and TV personality, Dana Loesch, has even compiled a list of Senators who, currently, have not signed the bill to defund ObamaCare. You can find the list, complete with each Senator’s contact information, here.

While some think a “defund or nothing”, is a bit too extreme, and others believe it is one of the worst ideas in American History, a vote to extend the budget will, inevitably, take place at the end of September. At that time, we will then see what course America decides to take with ObamaCare.


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