Why the War on Terror is Not Over and How Benghazi Proves It

One of the major talking points for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign was that GM was alive, Osama bin Laden was dead, and al-Qaeda was on the run; we would finally be able to bring our troops back home. There is no doubt that Americans want our troops to return to their families from deployment in the Middle East in what now seems a futile effort to stabilize the region. Almost 10 years in Iraq, 11 and counting in Afghanistan, the time has come to bring the troops home and focus on domestic issues. However, the narrative that has been set by President Obama is something that we should all be concerned about.obama re election

Let me ask you this: is a terrorist attack on an American diplomatic facility a sign of terrorism on the run? Quite the contrary, this is a sign that it is alive and well. Take into account the date that the attack in Benghazi happened: 9/11. That is a day of victory and celebration for the Islamic world. 2,977 Americans were killed on that fateful day. When word of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers and the plane crash at the pentagon hit the Middle East, the people were dancing in the streets. A day as significant to them as this should not be overlooked by military and homeland security officials if they are wise.

With the case of Benghazi, a terrorist attack is not a sign of a fleeing terrorist element in the region. However, the Obama administration almost immediately placed blame for the attack on an anti-Islamic video that almost no one had even heard of before it was used as the scapegoat. It took weeks for the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to admit that it indeed was a terrorist attack; even then, they seemingly did so reluctantly.benghazi report

The big question is why they took the route of falsely blaming a video which had absolutely nothing to do with the attack. The answer is that the Obama administration had to keep the narrative it had going; that GM was alive, bin Laden was dead, al Qaeda was on the run. If the attack on Benghazi was first deemed a terrorist attack as it should have been, a large part of the president’s election platform would have been gone. This was a planned move, and recent statements from military leaders in AFRICOM have confirmed that within hours they knew it was a terrorist attack, and not a spontaneous demonstration gone awry.

The administration continued that narrative for weeks after the attack. Weeks after new intelligence had emerged into the spotlight it was finally deemed a terrorist attack. However, now that nearly a year has passed, and no one from the al-Qaeda affiliate group responsible for the attack has even been contacted by anyone besides CNN for a two hour interview. Even CNN can get an interview with the leader of the group; it is implausible to think that our investigative forces so incompetent that they could not have found those responsible nearly a year after the attack.

Then in April of 2013, the Boston Marathon bombing was another incident that proved the war on terror is not over. If the war was truly over, this attack (and Benghazi) should not have happened, right? The fact is that the war is not over, and in all honesty, it cannot be over. There is something about this war that makes it more challenging and more draining than any other war in American history. For the first time, America is fighting an ideology that seeks to destroy its society, and subject it to Sharia law and its religious-fascist method of rule. America is not fighting an enemy of flesh; it is an enemy that is much more dangerous than any man could ever be.islam will dominate the world

As rightly put by Josef Stalin: “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.” Whether it is an idea, or an ideology, the lesson remains the same; weapons of the mind are more powerful than those of metal. Do not think a country cannot be conquered by words, a democracy overthrown, and a totalitarian created (think Nazi Germany). The question is if the people of the United States will buy this narrative that the Obama administration continues to tell about Benghazi, the IRS and the other scandals plaguing the White House. The IRS, Benghazi, NSA snooping are now all brushed off as “phony scandals” that are distracting Washington from the real issues.

I beg to say that the real issue is that an entire White House administration, the Secretary of State, and whatever other government agencies involved have stonewalled Congress in its investigation, and more importantly the American people. America wants answers on what happened in Benghazi on 9/11/2012. People want to know what was going on there that the Obama administration has gone to such lengths to keep hidden. Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina has even gone as far as to allege that witnesses on the ground the night of the attack are having their names changed to prevent their testimony (details still emerging as of 8/2).

In any case, the war on terror is not ever, and it will never be; because hundreds of millions of people firmly believe that America is evil, and that it must be destroyed. The fact that the Obama administration has refused to deem groups like the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organizations further promotes his agenda, while leaving the rest of America more vulnerable. The president has drawn up plans to have all troops out of Afghanistan in the next few years, thus ending our occupation in the region. But is this really a resolution to the issue? The enemy is still out there; they have simply relocated to North Africa, Yemen, Chechnya and other safe havens. If the enemy is still at war with us, then pulling out is not peace, it is surrender.


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4 thoughts on “Why the War on Terror is Not Over and How Benghazi Proves It

  1. Excellent article ,very true points important to recognize the war on terror is not over even if Obama says it is Radical Islamists continue to pose a real threat to America and our interests.


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