God Bless Texas: A Model of Economics & Governance Feared by Democrats

Governor Rick PerryGovernor Rick Perry of Texas

“I believe the best social program is a job” – President Ronald Reagan

Governor Rick Perry and the people of Texas have presented a model that embodies the view of our Founding Fathers. Texas has ranked number 1 for 9 straight years in business and many other Red states have adapted the model of lower taxes, private sector freedom, and debunking of labor unions. Blue states such as Connecticut, California, Illinois, and New York all rank in the bottom of the list due to their Governor’s initiatives to impede on the flow of commerce. Texas presents a reality for employers and job seekers whereas, the liberal states present a false dream that higher taxes will lead to social programs that trump the importance of jobs.

Texas has been able to achieve economic prosperity, through its part-time congress, by instituting legislation that invites corporations to a friendly business climate. The Texas Wide Open for Business initiative implores the movement of corporations like Colt, Apple, Google, and Chevron for multiple reasons:

  1. No corporate or personal income tax
  2. Home to a highly skilled labor force with 12.7 million contributing
  3. 337 thousand jobs were created in 2012
  4. Number 1 exporting state in America
  5. 210 million tourists come to the Lone Star State

The 29 other GOP states have been constantly climbing up the business ranks due to the Texas model. Unfortunately, the 20 blue states have been slugging in the bottom with the highest debt burden to the public. Business has been lost in these states and brought to GOP states to enshrine the capitalistic ethic.  It is clear that, so long these blue states have higher taxes and a monopolistic government, business will not prosper. Luckily, the GOP Governors have seen the success of Texas and are employing more people in the private sector to combat the catastrophe of the Obama presidency. What we can take from the Texas success story is that success breathes success.

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3 thoughts on “God Bless Texas: A Model of Economics & Governance Feared by Democrats

  1. Reblogged this on akula51 dot net and commented:
    I would love to see everyone productive and an economy firing on all cylinders. We’d have so much surplus we could do some things about the poverty that the Democrats and their warped brand of progressive liberalism have wrought over these last few decades.

  2. I wonder how a state with such affluence can also boast one of the highest poverty rates in America? For all of its glory and ingenuity, why does the Texan enjoy just the average, or slightly below average, national household income?

    Let’s not pretend that Texas is a shining example of America’s future – it represents just three archaic features of a dying 70s mantra – oil, defence, and arrogance. Oil and defence are clearly unsustainable but given the current economic climate, I’ll admit it was a necessary bandaid. But just as Michigan suffers the shortfalls of manufacturing now, Texas will too, in time.

    And arrogance, the greatest mark of a Texan. We boast money, but for who? We have companies, but who owns them? The average Texan is not a business owner, he/she is an employee. The initiative you described will do less for the average and poor Texan than a tax would. Do not so biased, so narrow-sighted, so as to look at the blue states, see their decline, and automatically dismiss mixed-economies as inept. Look to scandinavia. Canada. Germany. Those are countries that weathered the decline, and remarkably continue to demonstrate stability, equality, and growth – and all without Texas’ ridiculous claims of business friendliness.

    And why in the world would God bless this state, where the privileged few build missiles and tanks, and everyone else scrapes by? What kind of bastardized bible would ever condone Texas I shudder to imagine.


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