Barack Hussein Obama: The Celebrity President

I’m sure many of you tuned your television sets to watch the tonight show with Jay Leno on Tuesday August 6, 2013. I really didn’t want to watch but since there wasn’t anything else on I decided to tune in. Before Jay Leno even announced President Obama, he made several humorous comments about Obama. One of the things he said was that Obama needs to take care of our country’s problems before giving money and helping out other nations with their problems. Once Obama took the stage and sat down, a spread of pieces of paper containing what could only be notes were already there waiting for him.

Securing Our Embassies

The first question Jay Leno asked was about the Embassy Threat. The lies started from the first sentence of Obama’s answer. He claimed that they have already bolstered up security at all of the embassies to ensure the safety of our Ambassadors. My question at that moment was, where was that Bolstered security in Benghazi? Maybe if President Obama had honored the request of the embassy for more security, 4 people would not have lost their lives.  All of sudden, now he is concerned with the safety of our ambassadors? Of course he is, he was on a popular late night television show and has to save face.

Intelligence and the NSA

Obama then starts talking about the NSA and intelligence gathering. He once again in a roundabout way blamed the NSA intelligence gathering programs and wiretapping programs on Bush. He also made claims that there is no spying on Americans going on and that nobody is listening to our phone calls, but that certain measures were taken to catch the masterminds of the Boston bombing. If that is so, then why is there a massive data center being built with a data storage capacity of ONE TRILLION TERABYTES?

Edward Snowden and Protecting Whistleblowers

Jay Leno then asked about Snowden. Obama answered that he instituted ways such as whistle-blower protection for intelligence officers via Executive Order. Sometimes there is so much going on and it extends to such a high level that these whistle-blowers could never have any hopes of being protected by this executive order, so he took measures he deemed necessary. Obama then talked that if Snowden returned to America and that he would receive due process, will he really? Snowden is in Russia right now fearing for his life. Where was the whistle-blower protection for him?

Obama and Our “Growing” Economy

Jay Leno then continues the conversation with talks about the economy. He claims that unemployment is down and that economy is growing. It is true unemployment may be down, but a huge majority of these jobs he “created” were part-time. He claims he wants to make it easier for below middle class families to move into the middle class. Of course he does, he will do this by taxing the heck out of the upper class people and take what they have worked hard for and give it to the poor to elevate them to the middle class. He makes the claim that he hopes the Republicans will stand with “us” in that respect. In that statement alone he is driving the wedge between his party and the GOP.

The Integrity of Senator John McCain

Jay Leno then goes on to ask the President about his “bromance” with John McCain. I never thought he would ask this question but I was glad he did. Obama stated that McCain was a man of integrity. So voting against your party and being more in line with Democrats yet still calling yourself a Republican is integrity, I guess I got my definitions all wrong. He said he probably shouldn’t be complimenting him on national television, why not? They seem to be best buds now. John McCain is and always will be a Rhino, he needs to retire and enjoy his 6 figure pension.

Trayvon Martin and Our Justice System

And the question we have all been waiting for. Jay Leno wants to discuss the Trayvon Martin case. President Obama claims that it was a very unfortunate and that he wants to improve the justice system and make it fair for everyone. News flash! Justice was served in the Trayvon Martin case. George Zimmerman was tried by a jury of his peers, several of which were African American, and he was found innocent. The current system is fair and just. He also claims it was a sensitive subject for African American families and that they know what it feels like to be followed or viewed suspiciously. Obama then goes on to say that there is a disproportionate number of African Americans in this country who engage in criminal behavior and blames it on living conditions and poverty, but when it’s a crime against a black by someone of a different color then it is called racism and a hate crime.

President Barack Obama, the Comedian

Now, let’s go into the more humorous side of this interview, there were several huge gaffes made by the President. The first one was when Obama claimed that we needed to go in and deepen our shipping ports in the Gulf, ports such as Charleston South Carolina, Savannah Georgia, and Jacksonville Florida. Maybe you should go back and take geography class again Mr. President.

The second one was when Obama was talking about the Olympics in Russia. I was not aware that swimming, track and field, and the balance beam were events in the WINTER Olympics.

Last but not least, he talked about the post White House glow. He said that people who work in the White House and then leave seem to have a glow 2 weeks later. It’s amazing what getting out of an atmosphere so oppressive and full of lies and hypocrisy can do for someone.

In Summary

All in all it was a very entertaining interview nonetheless. Jay Leno was not afraid to ask the hard questions and even poke some fun at the President on national late night television.


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