The REAL War on Women

Over the past 5+ years, the mainstream media has been simply obsessed with tagging the GOP as a group of old, white men who are waging a war against women. But what exactly have Republicans done to have this accusation thrown their way? Fight for life.

Because their love for spin ranks much higher than their desire to spread the truth, the MSM has been spinning the pro-life movement as an anti-woman movement in a pathetic attempt to turn ill-informed voters against the GOP.

Republicans have been fighting to make sure that abortion simply stays as President Clinton once defined it: “Safe, legal, and rare.” Making abortion safer so that “back alley abortions” are a thing of the past with abortion providers mandated to keep their facilities in top-notch shape while providing hospital level care, keeping abortion legal so that the small percentage of women who are victims of health threats, rape, and incest still have it as an option, and aiming to make abortion something that happens in the rarest of occasions.

Yet, in decade since Mr. Clinton left office, Democrats have drastically changed their stance on this issue. They have completely removed the word “rare” from their messaging- only fighting for abortion to remain “safe and legal.” Planned Parenthood prides itself in the fact that they provide millions of abortions each year. Women like Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke, and MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry are now the face of the pro-choice movement. They demand that abortion should be restrictionless, easily available, and a women only issue.

These people who were ironically given the gift of life themselves don’t see that abortion is in fact the termination of human life, and therefore murder. They see the womb as this sort of alien spaceship which carries the unknown. But it is nothing of the sort. The womb is a source of protection for a human being that is in the first stages of life that would not survive outside of it. Can a human survive in the sky without an airplane? No. Can a human survive at the bottom of the ocean without a submarine? No. That doesn’t make them any less of a human. 

Liberals believe the choice should be completely up to a woman, and become utterly distraught when men try to give their input on the issue. Last time I checked, a woman can’t get pregnant alone. Abortion affects the father equally as much as the mother. 

Sadly, little can be done to change the ideology of the pro-choicers. They’ll continue protesting the sanctity of life with their jars of feces, used feminine products, and “Hail Satan” chants as long as the pro-life crowd keeps fighting. 

Likewise, the media will continue on the war path to spread the fictitious “War on Women” to anyone who will lend an ear. Ironically, they always turn the other cheek at Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Bob Filner, and all of the men in the Democrat party who cheat on their wives, string women along, and treat women as objects not human beings. They condemn the men who support standing by their pregnant wives, fiancés, or girlfriends throughout their pregnancies as anti-woman; yet they praise the ones who support getting rid of the child as if they’re heroes. 

In the end, it’s the ill-informed are the true victims of this slanderous belief assassination that the MSM has lead against Republicans, pro-lifers, and anyone who is in any way, shape, or form anti-abortion. The only way to show who is truly leading a “War on Women” is for pro-lifers to fight back, and infiltrate the mainstream media to inform and educate people about the truth of this supposed war. 


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