No to Amnesty

As the consequences of Obamacare continue to square out in DC the immigration debate has landed on the back burner at least for now. The question remains, with a continued jihad terrorist threat emanating from the Islamic world with an attack most recently at the Boston Marathon and a weak economy at home why would amnesty even be an option? What does America stand to gain from amnesty for people who knowingly violated the law and some of whom come from countries where drug cartels are out of control or from the Muslim world where terrorism remains a huge problem.

While immigration has always played an important role in American history, violating our national sovereignty and the laws of America to be here illegally and unaccounted for has not and does not have to be tolerated. For while Obama and the left enjoy framing the immigration debate in terms of compassion, its not compassionate to the American public to risk our national sovereignty and the safety of the American public by opening our borders to people who have already violated the law. Furthermore in a time of economic upheaval shouldn’t our immigration policy be made to benefit the United States and shouldn’t we welcome those who have what to offer the country and avoid immigration from areas of the world like Pakistan, Chechnya, Saudi Arabia,The Palestinian territories and Iran where terror is the main export. As famed conservative commentator Ann Coulter put it “We have no choice about native-born losers. We ought to be able to do something about the people we chose to bring here.” Instead we should welcome legal immigrants who have what to contribute to our country like businessmen from Japan or doctors from Sweden and Norway. Unskilled workers especially from countries known for their economic problems and violence should not be exporting that to the US of A.

 9263306070_8234bab0afMarco Rubio is a true conservative and a man of conviction as is Paul Ryan however their immigration reform does not go far enough in preventing amnesty and securing the boarder. This should not be a career ender for either one as they both have much to offer and can unite the nation behind conservative principles however Sen. Ted Cruz is right in not endorsing or promoting anything but a strict approach to the boarder and boarder security.

While Arizona and other states choosing to enforce existing immigration laws have faced the wrath of the Obama administration and its department of injustice for enforcing the laws already on the book. Yet the drug war on the southern side of the border continues and the terror threat is as real as it was the morning of the Boston Bombing. Immigration should be something which is an opportunity for stellar people who can enhance this country we cannot afford more government dependent guests or those who can pose a danger to this country. Its time to tighten boarder security say no to amnesty and yes to an immigration policy which rewards law abiding and productive immigrants who can add to America and keep out those who can be a risk to the safety and security of the US of A.


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