MSNBC Strikes… Again.

Several weeks ago, you might remember what a stir Republican Governor, Chris Christie, made when he insisted that libertarianism in the GOP was a “dangerous thought” and concluded that Rand Paul was one of the culprits.

MSNBC Panel Claims Tsarnaev Terror Duo Influenced by Radical Libertarianism
{Photo Credit: TheBlaze

Well, Gov. Christie may be happy to hear that MSNBC actually agrees with him about the dangers of libertarianism.

Tuesday, a MSNBC host decided to discuss the psychology of different topics — mainly the Tsarnaev Brothers.. and “conspiracy theories.

The host, and guest, tried to paint the Tsarnaev brothers as influenced by the far right — ALTHOUGH they did try, ever so hard, not to put Conservatism and Terrorism in the same boat. Ones included in the “group” that influenced the Tsarnaev’s , were Alex Jones, people who speak like Rush Limbaugh, and the publication “The First Freedom” {a NRA publication}… which are all, apparently, results of the “rise of President Obama”.

According to the panel, Conservatives are, for some ridiculous reason, afraid of too much government and the President handing out free welfare to all.

Now, WHY would Conservatives be worried about anything as silly as that?

The panel went on to say:

“It’s sort of an interesting confluence,” Wagner {host} interjected, “we talk about this happening in some  sectors of the American political scene, which is the dovetailing between sort of radical libertarian agenda and a sort of southern racist, neo-confederate attitude towards governance and, and, and, uh, that view informing a certain sector of American politics.”

With hosts like these, who basically compare Conservative ideas to acts of terror, to Melissa Harris-Perry’s latest fiasco, and topping it off with Chris Matthews, who somehow associates Ted Cruz with the word “terrorist”. One thing can be certain, MSNBC never ceases to amaze me.

You can watch the full exchange on MSNBC about the Tsarnaev brothers and conspiracy theories, here.


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