Book Review: The Liberty Amendments, Mark Levin

libertamendments“The Statists’ utopia and the Framers’ Constitution cannot coexist.” 

So begins what might be the most intellectually bracing, rational, and thought-provoking book in recent memory. Authored by the preeminent conservative author of our time, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic is a timely yet timeless masterpiece that gives liberty-loving Americans a plan of action.

Mark Levin—an eight-year veteran of the Reagan Administration and a thorn in the side of the EPA thanks to his Landmark Legal Foundation—recognizes that Statism has been eroding the precious liberties that the Founding Fathers labored so arduously to secure.

“The Statists have been successful in their century-long march to disfigure and mangle the constitutional order and undo the social compact.”

The scope of the federal government’s control over the people has reached a tipping point, including a burdensome and complicated tax code, a bureaucracy that stifles free markets and the individual spirit by issuing thousands of laws a year, not to mention the NSA’s violations of the Bill of Rights, a Congress that spends much faster than it can tax, and an Executive that centralizes government with every act he takes.

The United States is $17 trillion in debt, and entitlements are operating on annual deficits, destined for bankruptcy. As demonstrated by this summer’s scandals, corruption and abuses of power have infiltrated nearly every level of the federal government.

The war between liberty and tyranny is not unlike the UFC fights that Levin occasionally mentions on his radio show, a brutal battle pitting two heavyweights against each other. Those of us warring for limited government and freedom must first recognize that our strategy of playing defense is simply not working.

We. Are. Failing.

We have been bloodied, beaten down, and knocked senseless by the Statists’ fight for a Utopian government-controlled society.

Some may have even conceded the fight, unwilling to go another round, cynically proclaiming that the death of the constitutional republic is inevitable, succumbing to the blows of despotism.

However, there are those of us who are unwilling to tap out or play dead, nor damn this generation, our children, and every following generation to an existence of government servitude, economic ruin, and societal instability.

1098244_563723570341401_1161351767_nTo Levin, there is no surrender. While there is still time, do we not have a responsibility to defy the tide of tyranny? Is it not the hour to gather ourselves and make that stand, even if its a last one?

As Reagan once said, “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.”

The good news is: there is a plan. In fact it’s right there in the Constitution. The Constitution has been amended 27 times, all by the first method of proposal and passage. However, there is a second method that George Mason insisted be included for the purpose of circumventing the federal government.

The plan requires that each and every freedom-loving American to use his or her gifts, talents, and creativity in order to petition state legislators, as well as to support and elect candidates who will seriously promote and pursue a convention of the states for the purpose of proposing amendments to the constitution.

This idea may be ambitious, but it is not radical. Levin is able to utilize his gift for concise yet intellectual and sophisticated thought in order to lay out the case for the “other” amendment process, never before successfully achieved yet equally legitimate to the first amendment process.

Levin’s The Liberty Amendments is an electrifying call to action, combining the history of the United States Constitution with political philosophy and, best of all, practical application—a game plan, designed by the Framers’ themselves, included within the Constitution itself, for such a time as this.

543776_556782301035528_180608551_nTearing through the book as I would a suspense novel, compelling myself to slow down and digest the proposals therein, I was struck with the sheer genius of the Framers of the Constitution. As students of history, the Framers knew that nations prefer tyranny, that republics naturally devolve into despotism, that despite their best efforts, man’s depraved desires for power would over time compromise their design for a limited federal government.

Levin, quoting Benjamin Franklin in support of the Congressional term limits that he proposes: “But there is a natural inclination in mankind to Kingly Government…I am apprehensive therefore, perhaps too apprehensive, that the Government of these States, may in future times, end in Monarchy.”

Franklin’s fears were certainly legitimate if not prescient.

Within the first few pages of his book, Levin demonstrates that the federal government has become much too bloated, intrusive, and corrupt. In other words, our government has become the very thing the our Founding Fathers fought a revolution to defeat.

The Liberty Amendments includes popular ideas like term limits for the Supreme Court and Congress, not to mention limits on taxation and spending that hold mass appeal among the American people. Levin also incorporates solutions which seem ingenious yet sensical and straightforward to cut back the federal government, reduce its size, and restore power to the states.

Levin reiterates that his proposed Liberty Amendments—and there are eleven of them—are meant as a general framework, a starting point if you will, by which the state delegates might consider for the purpose of curbing the power of the federal government and restoring power to the states and to the people.

Perhaps Levin is right. Maybe it’s time we shrug off our apathy, reject the defeatism that has swept through what was once a vibrant and optimistic people, and reclaim what is rightfully ours.

I encourage you to decide for yourself, to consider Levin’s proposals, and to not give up on this country that can yet be saved from a thousand years of darkness.


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14 thoughts on “Book Review: The Liberty Amendments, Mark Levin

  1. Pre-empted only by the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, The Liberty Amendments is the single greatest exercise in prose and education on the planet.

  2. I feel an overwhelming sense of duty to support this movement with whatever means I can. Though I believe there are those on the left with good intentions, there are still many on the left on a power trip. Ultimately the left is plagued by naivety mistaken for compassion. I know in my heart that this movement to preserve liberty is on the side of what’s right and what’s just

  3. Last night my wife and I were having a lite supper at the kitchen counter and I asked her to look at the things visible from where we sat and tell me somthing in view that was not regulated, controlled or taxed by the government. After a short silence, she said “everything is controlled in some fashion or other”. I have long thought that the commerce clause was the worst decision ever handed down by the Supreme couts, but Mark Levin sees more than I do as to what is wrong with this government..


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