What Hillary ’16 Would Mean for America

Over the past few months, speculation on both sides of the isle of a Hillary Rodham Clinton run for the Democrat nomination for President in 2016 has grown stronger than ever. Just last week, New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, whose wife has worked for HRC for many years, confirmed that his wife has an unidentified role in her 2016 campaign- this was the first confirmation that Hillary is in fact going to run.

677px-Msc2012_20120204_408_Clinton_Hillary_Frank_PlittMany have assumed that she would run again after a very close race with now President, Barack Obama, in 2008. After being appointed Secretary of State by Mr. Obama, Hillary made quite a name for herself. She was most recently involved in the highly controversial cover-up of the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Following her resignation as SOC this past January, she has kept a pretty low profile.

Yet in recent weeks, Hillary has become more involved in the Clinton Foundation which recently was criticized by the New York Times much to the dismay of former President Bill Clinton. Both Hillary and Bill have also been strongly involved in Terry McAuliffe’s (former DNC Chairman) campaign for governor of Virginia. Virginia has been a crucial swing state for most of the past few elections, therefore, if the Clintons are able to secure McAuliffe as governor, they will have ample support from the state in 2016.

However, Hillary has been in the news a lot lately for a completely different matter- the plans for a mini-series and documentary based on her life set to air on NBC and CNN in the near future. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus went on a media tour over the past couple of weeks declaring that if these networks continue with their plans to glamorize HRC conveniently right before her 2016 Presidential campaign, the Republican party will not allow them to be a part of any 2016 GOP debates.

If the mini-series and documentary are eventually made, whether before or after 2016, odds are both networks will either a) spin certain events in Hillary’s past to make them seem not as bad as they truly were, or b) skip them entirely. Unless you were hiding under a rock during the 80s and 90s, you’ve probably heard of the many, many scandals and “questionable circumstances” that the Clinton clan have found themselves involved in.

The Days of Clinton Past

  1. The Rodino Report. Back when she was still Hillary Rodham, HRC was one of the co-authors of the Rodino Report on President Richard Nixon’s impeachment. The report stated that Nixon was, in fact, impeachable for the actions of his subordinates and his attempt to get the IRS to audit his political enemies- something Hillary’s future husband did successfully with the full support of the IRS during his two terms as POTUS.
  2. 436px-Clinton_familyJust Can’t Get Enough. Back when Bill was still Governor of Arkansas, his sexual desires simply could not be quenched by his wife who was busy taking care of little Chelsea. While attending the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission conference at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 8, 1991, Paula Jones was approached by state trooper Danny  Ferguson who handed her a piece of paper with a hotel room number written on it, and said, “The governor would like to meet with you.” Following some encouragement by the trooper, Jones went to the room and spoke with Clinton for a few minutes before he tried to get her to engage in a “certain kind of sex” with him. Jones immediately left the room and three years later, on May 6, 1994, sued him for sexual harassment. It was eventually the Jones V. Clinton case that brought about Lewinsky and a string of other women, including Kathleen Willey, whom Clinton had cheated with.
  3. Job Creation, Clinton Style. Billy Dale worked at the White House Travel Office for seven Presidents, and probably would’ve continued to do so if the Clintons never came to town. Shortly after arriving in Washington, Bill and Hillary started transferring their lovely supporters at World Wide Travel (based in their home state of Arkansas) who ran the press travel arrangements during Bill’s 1992 campaign to the White House. When Mr. Clinton’s 25-year-old cousin Catherine Cornelius who worked at World Wide Travel secured a position within the White House Travel Office, the smear campaign against Billy Dale began. The Clintons deployed the full force of the FBI, the Justice Department, and the IRS against Mr. Dale in an attempt to find a crime in his past that they could use for grounds of firing him. To their dismay and utter shock, Billy Dale, unlike the Clintons themselves, was clean. So Mr. President got Cousin Catherine to start tampering with the Travel Office. As soon as she began working there, important papers and files went missing. May 19, 1993, just over a month after Catherine began snooping around, the seven staffers of Travel Office were fired at the command of Hillary, and the Clintons finally got their way (as they always do), ushering in the World Wide Travel staff along with the Clintons close friend, Hollywood producer, and generous donator, Harry Thomason.Lesson: If the Clintons want something, they’ll get it no matter whose life they have to destroy.
  4. Monica_lewinsky“He did what with an intern?” When Matt Drudge broke the story in January 1998 that President William Jefferson Clinton had been part of an extra-marital affair with 25-year-old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, Mr. Clinton’s administration began a counter attack. In an attempt to save his reputation and, essentially, his administration, Clinton lied under oath in a deposition, attacked the character of Lewinsky along with several other women who had been the victims of Bill’s overactive sex drive, tried to “get rid” of crucial evidence, and even pushed the majority of the blame on his secretary, Betty Currie.

    Throughout the entire debacle and impeachment trial, Hillary “stood by her man,” claiming he was 100% innocent, and the victim of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” A renowned feminist who had dedicated her life to proving she was equal to or better than her male colleagues sunk so low as to stay with her unfaithful, monstrous husband because of the political benefits that accompanied the marriage.

  5. Clinton at Benghazi Hearing“What difference at this point does it make?” September 11, 2012. Eleven years to the day after 9/11, U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, along with three other Americans were brutally murdered in a terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Immediately following the attack, the Obama administration began blaming the murders on a YouTube video and denied calling the attack an action of terrorists for nearly two weeks. Obviously, people started noticing that something wasn’t right about the attacking, and thus an investigation began. Apparently, Ambassador Stevens had told Secretary Clinton on numerous occasions leading up to the attack of the fear that he and other Americans in Libya had of an imminent attack, and the dire need for more American security.  HRC dismissed these requests which ultimately could’ve prevented the loss of four lives. In the midst of a hearing on the attack, Secretary Clinton lost her cool, yelling, “With all respect, the fact is we have four dead Americans was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make?” Well, Mrs. Clinton, if Chelsea was brutally murdered, I’m pretty sure getting answers on why it happened would be pretty important to you. It seems to be evident that the mindset HRC had towards her husband’s numerous affairs while POTUS still stands today. Back when the Monica Lewinsky stories first broke, Mrs. Clinton was confident that the allegations would “evaporate and disappear if they’re ever given the light of day.” Clearly, it is a popular belief in this crony-clad family (or firm) that they can do literally whatever they want, and there will be no repercussions.

With such a rich history in cronyism, can we as a country trust another Clinton with the Presidency? Can we trust a woman who herself was as much involved in the impeachable actions of her husband as he was? Can we trust a woman who has long been perceived as an example for all women, but who really supports the damnation and degradation of all womankind? Can we trust a woman so obsessed with her own self-interest to run a country which she would only put second to her own agenda?

The unmistakable answer is we cannot. By electing Hillary Rodham Clinton as President of the United States of America in 2016, we would literally be asking for a train wreck. If you thought Mr. Clinton was a self-obsessed, good for nothing, womanizing liar, then wait until Hillary becomes POTUS. She will take the “Imperial Presidency” to a whole new level of extreme that would make Nixon look like a Saint. For all my fellow House of Cards fans, think Frank Underwood married to the twice as extreme female version of himself. Yeah, Hillary’s that threatening.

The Presidency is a vastly sacred office, held by merely forty-four men since our nations inception. It is vitally important that we select the right person for the job. Alexander Hamilton, one of our Founders, once said that the entire process of choosing a president was designed to make sure that “some fit person” known for his “ability and virtue” would be selected to fulfill the office. Character is key in selecting the right leadership, and this is an area where Hillary Rodham Clinton is by all means of the word lacking.


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