Al Jazeera is Coming to A Living-room Near You

COLLECTIE_TROPENMUSEUM_Hoofddoek_voor_man_met_kalligrafie_TMnr_5663-15Just when you thought the left wing/Islamist propaganda alliance could not get any more ridiculous another shocker comes. Starting tomorrow the Islamist news network that ran Al Qaeda propaganda will be spreading their propaganda to an American audience. Thanks to financing from former presidential candidate and climate hoaxer Al Gore, the blame America jihad is industry will be able to spread their message to gullible leftists across America. Apparently global jihad is not as big a concern to Al Gore as is his global warming hoax.  While they are entitled legally to their own channel as long as they are not openly calling for violent jihad their history of having people like radical Imam Yusef Quadri who has in the past made very radical Al Qaeda like statements as well as a history of Anti-American and Anti-Israel bias should raise concern for patriots throughout America.

What is the best way to protest this anti-American channel? I would propose following the example of family values organizations and boycotting those who sponsor or run commercials on Al Jazeera. We should send a clear message we the people will not support companies who support hate and anti-American bias. By doing this we can stand up to the leftist/Islamist propaganda machine.


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