The Sexual Revolution Persists

Many of you probably have heard the term “culture war” in America, a term which implies a conflict of two cultural values. Some all but swear to this idea, while others claim that the “culture war” is a mere delusion. Although this debate will rage on, it is evident that there is at the very least an intrusion of different cultural norms inching their way into society. One of the most notable movements is the sexual revolution in the 1960’s. This movement defied the cultural norm of the time that sex was acceptable only between a heterosexual married couple, and began to push for the acceptance of things like pre-marital sex and homosexuality. This movement was successful in overturning the cultural standard on sex, and its impact lasts to this day. One of the biggest flag-bearers today of this movement is the media, specifically movies and TV shows. Hollywood’s blockbusters have been adding more and more sexual elements to them, and even though there has recently been a decrease of sex scenes in major blockbusters, this is not the case in the world of TV shows.

Take for instance a TV show that was aired this summer on Hulu called “East Los High.” “East Los High” is a fictional story documenting two girls named Jessie and Maya as they “struggle with teen pressures and face life-altering decisions.” Some of these “life-altering decisions” are whether or not to have sex with a football player. In fact, that is the point of the show. Evangeline Ordaz, the writer of the show, stated that the purpose of the show was to teach the viewers that, “If you’re going to have sex, be responsible.” In other words, the point of this TV show is to encourage sexually active teens to engage in “safe sex.” A person who adheres to traditional conservative views would gawk at that notion. The writer may bear these views, but that may not be the most shocking aspect of this show.

If someone were to go on to the website of “East Los High,” they would find a message from one of their biggest sponsor, Planned Parenthood. Why would a place that facilitates abortions sponsor a TV show that encourages teens to have “safe sex?” In order to figure that out, one must understand that Planned Parenthood is a business, and subsequently thinks like a business. It generates income by providing abortions. The more pregnant women there are, the more opportunities to provide abortions exist, and the more income Planned Parenthood can generate. Therefore, it is in Planned Parenthood’s best interest to make sure that as many women as possible become pregnant, so as to maximize the number of potential abortions. Granted, Planned Parenthood is doing this by massacring millions of innocent lives, but this is the way Planned Parenthood works, and it does this by encouraging sex outside of marriage, and supporting companies and shows that encourage sex, even if its “safe sex.”

In conclusion, the sexual revolution that started in the 60’s is still in full swing, and its biggest ally is the media, specifically Hollywood and the world of TV shows. A show like “East Los High” is a prime example of the sexualization of entertainment. Not only is its message of teenage sex pushed by the media, it is also funded by businesses like Planned Parenthood who can capitalize off of teenage sex. Both the business world and the entertainment world are guilty of continuing the movement of normalizing illicit sex, a movement which began with the sexual revolution of the 1960s.


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