Up2Date w/ Berent Batur

Julia Porterfield: As a young person, why are you interested in politics?

Berent Batur: Ever since I was little kid, I was always curious why politicians would be the constant headline in national news and why they were constantly called liars. The aspiration to gain truth and accountability in government promoted me to join the political field heavily in high school career and currently in my university life. I always stand by the principles of a constitutionally limited government that respects the Constitution and individual liberties.JP: Why is it important for millennials to be involved and informed about current events and politics?

BB: Millennials need to have a grasp of current events and the current political climate to hold the politicians accountable for their actions. The current economic mess and big government policies seems to discourage much of the youth in constantly taking action in their beliefs. If the youth does not take action, bureaucrats in Washington will make many unfavorable decisions that hurt millions of Americans. I urge for all millennials to join their campus organizations and spread the good word of conservatism. If you don’t speak on your own behalf, someone else will.

JP: What can we as young people do to counter act the lack of information and knowledge among people our age?

BB: Many colleges and schools tend to support the liberal agenda, therefore, portraying the right as wrong. Mainstream media also tends to favor policies of big government and utilize individuals like Piers Morgan to spread that message. This translates to the social media level, where, Democrats reign ever so strongly. To combat this liberal onslaught of the right message, conservatives at all levels need to stand together and provide credible answers to the failures of liberal administrations. Names like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Dana Loesh, and Katie Pavlich are all leading the fight against corrupt government and have been able to inspire millennials to join the fight.

JP: Where on the political spectrum do you classify yourself?

BB: I classify myself as a Tea Party Patriot who supports a constitutionally limited government. I have seen the failures of big government policies in Ontario and in Washington D.C. and it is evident that individual liberty along with self-responsibility will serve a society much better. I do not want any government to run my life and place tax burdens on the public to pay for poorly thought out social programs. I support the vision of the American Dream and the ability for everyone to host a strong work ethic to gain prosperity. The entitlement systems that liberals champion has gone amuck and it is up to the mechanisms of the free-market and capitalism to solve those issues.

JP: The mainstream media has taken over the GOP/Tea Party/Conservative messaging in order to portray all of these groups as crazy, old school, etc. The GOP is doing nothing about it, and letting the MSM continue with this character assassination. How do we take our messaging back?

BB: We are clearly being demonized by Huffington Post, PBS, and MSNBC, however, our message of liberty still shines clearly in the eyes of many Americans. These liberal media outlets will use such outlandish writing to portray the GOP, falsely, as inhumane and demonic. Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio have laid out a very strong blueprint on rebranding the GOP. The constant reference to the Constitution and individual freedoms is propelling our message in a positive light throughout television, newspapers, magazines, and social media by storm. We must continue this way of advertising to counter the negative campaigns of the liberals.

JP: Who is your favorite person in Washington today?

BB: I support the platforms of Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Both have great appeal to millennials and always support individual responsibility and lower taxes. Both are fighting for the Constitution and the middle class. The cronyism of the Democratic Party is questioned constantly by these two individuals and for that they are true successors to the Founding Fathers.

JP: Favorite President?

BB: President Ronald Reagan’s message of economic freedom and smaller government is better; truly make him a timeless Presidential figure. He truly revitalized the Republican Party and brought real reform to the table to protect liberty in America. His ability to gain the trust of the nation in combating communism, abortion, social programs shows how he won his elections by such drastic margins. President Reagan is the reason why we still are skeptical of the government as he famously said in his first inaugural address: “In present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem”.

JP: What is your favorite social issue?

BB: To me the topic of abortion is something that must be addressed. It is evident that the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade verdict has led to the biggest genocide in American history. 54 million innocent unborn children lost their lives to this decision and Democrats seem to feel no remorse and give Planned Parenthood and annual $1 billion budget. Luckily our very able GOP Governors have denounced the Roe decision and have placed bans on abortions after twenty weeks and mandated better standards in abortion clinics. The pro-life movement is getting stronger and stronger, and it is our duty to stand for the innocent and the defenseless from the federal government’s inability to protect or define life.

JP: What is the difference between current day young Conservatives and older generations of Conservatives?

BB: I feel that older generations are nearly right on point with the current generation of conservatives. However, some differences can occur due to the amount of fractions and differences the GOP hosts. Perhaps on the stance on of marriage, libertarians would want the government out of it completely, but in the case of the traditional Republican the government plays a crucial role in defining marriage. The differences are slim and it will only make us learn how our past has made our movement more and more popular with the decline of the Obama administration.

JP: What is your biggest fear for America’s future?

BB: My biggest fear for America’s future is its $17 trillion national debt. Government irresponsibility and false promises led to this mess, and with President Obama, that number is just getting bigger and bigger. It seems that the Democratic Party does not care for the middle class or creating jobs as they only want unions and environmental agencies to be the model of capitalism gone wrong. This government hazard must be combated by conservatives in promoting lower tax rates, domestic manufacturing, full repeal of Obamacare, and Right-to-Work Laws to keep business from outsourcing and leaving us with crisis.

JP: Who do you like for 2016?

BB: I would really want see Governor Rick Perry of Texas be the presidential nominee in 2016. The Texas model of economics and individual liberty has gained the respect of business and citizens as it is one of the few states that post a surplus. Governor Perry also stands by the unborn and passed bill HB2 to ban abortions after twenty weeks. He has also been pro-gun and has enabled citizens the ability to protect themselves whenever necessary. His flat tax rate system, introduced in his 2012 presidential bid, proposes an equal approach to the seven tier tax system Democrats want to increase. Governor Rick Perry can inherit the mess of the Obama administration and bring real reform to the issue of government overreach by respecting state rights, individual liberties, economic freedom, and the Constitution. The 21st century can be claimed as the American Century under the guidance of Governor Rick Perry.

JP: What do you think will happen in the ’14 midterm elections?

BB: I truly believe with correct messaging and strong grassroots organization, we can gain a majority in the Senate and grow our majority in the House. It is clear our message of personal liberty and economic freedom is favored, and that will propel us to maintain a 51-49 majority in the Senate to block the catastrophic bills of President Obama at ease. The Tea Party won big in 2010 and 2014 will repeat that result but on a much grander scale which will elude to a White House victory in 2016.

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