The Importance of 2014: Red Nation’s Ultimate Test

Dem vs. Gop

“The future of the Republican Party and the future of America is based on a values system and the issues that drive those values are on our side” – Senator Tim Scott

President Obama’s tainted legacy and sliding poll ratings are all signals that it is Red Nation’s time to shine. In 2014, 33 Senate seats and 36 governorships are up in this election cycle. The House of Representatives is also going to be riddled with many tight races, however, the GOP have been strong at the local level. The success our congressional elections must translate to our Senate bid this coming year. Many states seem winnable and could put us at an exact tie or at a + 1 or 2 majority. To gain a majority is crucial as it can enable for defunding Obamacare, tax increases, and gain more traction for accepting the Keystone XL Pipeline. Nate Sliver even agrees that the GOP hold a strong chance in taking the Senate back. Many swing states hold potential for us, such as:

  • Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina, Montana, West Virginia, and South Dakota are the states we can turn red
  • The key to our success will be in the popularity of our candidates and their marketability to the middle class
  • The outcome of this midterm election will pave to road to White House victory in 2016

Many states have not announced there GOP candidates as it is still quite early for that process. However, our message does not see time as a boundary and needs to be carried out carefully to elect to best candidates. In Arkansas, Congressman Tom Cotton has entered the Senate race to challenge incumbent Mark Pryor. If we can get high profile candidates like Rep. Cotton, our path to victory will run significantly smoother. Our prospects are getting stronger by the day and I encourage all millennial to join in the fight in preserving conservative values on Capitol Hill.

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