The Free-Market Success Story: Democrats Cannot Find Enough to Tax

Capital and Growth

“Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself” – Milton Friedman

The economy is a sector of society which determines the outcome of individuals’ use of personal capital and the risks they take with their savings. The capitalist system, within the free-market, provides opportunities for members of society to succeed through hard work in competitive markets and a fair price system. The capitalistic ethic has been enshrined in American society since its conception, however the modern “progressive” Democratic Party is waging war on our heritage. Through placing a heavy burden on small business to transnational corporations, the taxation system admired by the Democratic Party has limited the ability for American innovation to flourish.  They propose a system requires the hard-working community of America to subsidize their expansive welfare state and catastrophe of Obamacare. Under the Obama administration American manufacturing and number of people working has gone down strikingly. To curve the damage of the current President we must constantly cut taxes on all classes and propose a flat tax that will create equal contribution by percentage. Government is a burden to the economy and many GOP governors have used strong business policies enabling their citizens to utilize the free-market economy to its fullest.

The way we can keep liberty is by promoted the free-market approach enshrined by the conservative ethic:

  1. Eliminate the bracket system of the corporate tax rate and make it flat at a rate of 10 % to encourage corporations to manufacture and invest in America.
  2. The income tax rate should be completely abolished at the federal level and allow for individuals to be in charge of their own capital.
  3. Taxation as a system needs to be revamped to have opt-out clauses on many of its so called benefits to the “public good.”
  4. Defund the Affordable Care Act and allow individuals to choose a plan through their employer, if provided, or through a private plan.
  5. Allow for all businesses to abolish unions and encourage the passage of right-to-work legislation to let business focus on hiring and finance rather than procedural fiat.

The solution to our 21st century economic crisis is found in empowering the people and not the government’s intrusion on what you can and cannot do with your capital. The economics of the conservative ethic and conscience are clearly favorable among the people, however, with 20 blue governor states and blue Senate, more regulations and taxes will be placed and cause more economic downturn. It is clear that citizens understand how to manage their own money as supposed to the IRS, thus, capitalism and the free-market economy will always find light to succeed, despite, its hurdles with the Democratic Party.


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