9/11 Terror Remembered

By Seth Ian @Conservative013

As the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in US history is recently behind us some reflection is in order. As someone who was in middle school at the time I vividly remember the feeling which went though my stomach as I heard the news that America was under attack. Like so many people in my age group this horrific attack would be a moment in history which we will always remember. Like those who lived through the Pearl Harbor attack or other historic events 9/11 was a day which changed America and our generation forever.

As images filled the newspapers of collapse of the twin towers and the people running in Manhattan for their very lives along with the terrifying images of people jumping from the towers to avoid being burnt to death we knew that on that day we had seen and experienced evil as a nation. I took comfort in hearing our President at the time George W. Bush address the nation and offer words from King David in Psalms saying Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil for I know You are with me.

Despite the evil ruthless attacks evil did not win out on that day for as in the case of many tragedies New Yorker’s and all Americans came together with a united resolve to be there for one another. The images of firefighters, policemen and other first responders running into the buildings and in the aftermath sift through the rubble showed that the power of good wins over evil. People were there to comfort one another as well as assist in the rescue effort. Indeed while some wish to pretend everything is subjective that there is no good and evil in the world 9/11 showed very clearly that there is good and evil and that those who attacked this nation were totally evil people.

Years later some would like to forget about that fateful day and deemphasize its importance, while others would seek to blame America for the horrific attack. This is downright wrong for as we have seen many times since 9/11 radical Islam is a source of evil in the world and that no matter what actions America takes or doesn’t take many in the Arab Muslim world will hate the West and this country no matter what. Failing to name the enemy or pretend that everyone is equally likely to be a potential terrorist rather than devoting resources to the community most likely containing members with sympathy for terrorism does no one any good. The terrorist attacks throughout the Arab Muslim world show the disregard that radical Muslims have for human life and human dignity.

No perceived foreign policy mistake could justify the savagery of Islamist terror. While many would rather the war on terror be over as President Bush emphasized at the time this is a war which was declared on our nation not a war of our choosing but we remain at war until as President Reagan put it “We win and they lose”. As 9/11 showed we are dealing with a mindset which cannot be negotiated with but must be destroyed. Many years later it remains important to remember the lives that were taken in PA, Washington, D.C. and NY and remember that there is good and evil in the world. This should be a day that brings all Americans together and should not be forgotten. A day which will go down in history both for the barbarity of the attacks and the tremendous courage displayed by the first responders.



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