An American Fight Against Obamacare and Its Own Government

The past few months have proven a bit more than eventful in regards to Obamacare. Led by Senator Ted Cruz (R. Texas), and suddenly backed by Speaker John Boehner, a grassroots effort has been underway for the defunding of the new healthcare law. On Friday September 20, in a 230-189 vote, the House of Representatives passed a measure to fund all portions of the government except for the healthcare law. Funding under this measure would fund the government until December 15. While this was the expected outcome from the House, the vote in the Senate will be the ultimate deciding factor. At least 60 votes are needed to pass the measure, but President will not sign the measure into effect; thus, a vote of 67 is the real requirement for passing this effort to defund the healthcare law that so many Americans are becoming more and more opposed to.cruz-paul-defund-obamacare-rally

Some people have basically given up the idea that Obamacare can be replaced. They simply think that it is here to stay and that we must deal with it. Based on its history, America is not a country that backs down to a challenge simply because they may lose. America must collectively ask itself if it is willing to become subservient to its government. This is the antithesis of what America was founded on.

During the early colonial period, England and the colonies interacted very well with each other. The American colonists were proud to be a part of the greatest empire in the world, and England enjoyed the resources gained from the colonies. However, after the French and Indian War, England began to pressure the colonists to pay for the war. Taxes like the Stamp Act and Tea Tax were enacted, outraging the colonists who were not represented in Parliament. After years of such treatment, the American colonists had no choice but to secede from the British Empire in defense of their natural rights.

Comparing colonial America and America as a country can show us some startling parallels. During the early years of America, its citizens enjoyed great freedoms, attracting people from all around the globe. However, as time progressed, the government slowly grew bigger and bigger, implementing more and more regulations on the economy and individual rights. An example of great government growth was the implementation of the Square and New Deals by Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin Roosevelt, respectively. Each was a progressive measure to fix the economy through government efforts. One could argue the economic effects of each action, but none can deny that each grew the government to unprecedented levels.

Marco Rubio on Obamacare, via Heritage Foundation
Marco Rubio on Obamacare, via Heritage Foundation

Ever since the Square and New Deals, the “Great Society,” and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans have seen a growth of government like a cancer, and Obamacare is one of the leading cells in that cancer. A bill of over 2,700 pages regulating everything from health insurance company CEO salaries to estate taxes will impose a strain on the American economy it may never be able to fully recover from. Americans now are starting to realize this as many people are starting to lose hours at work, or their job in total. Even the labor unions that championed this healthcare during its inception are some of the most vehement opposition to its implementation, saying that this law will destroy the 40-hour work week.

While a large majority of Americans are opposed to Obamacare, some in Congress still think that it is the best idea. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has threatened a government shutdown over the issue of Obamacare funding. From an objective point of view, it is not the Republicans who are threatening a government shutdown; it is the Democrats on the issue of Obamacare. From the way that many Democrats speak on the problem, one would think that the law is essential for the government to run. That is simply not true! If it was true, how would the government have run before without Obamacare? All other portions of the government are funded under the House measure; the only thing that is not funded is Obamacare. Many lawmakers have come to realize the devastating effects the law will have on the economy and have joined the effort to halt it in its tracks.No Taxation W Out Rep. 200 top

In the end, it boils down to people on the grassroots level to put pressure on their representatives to support the defunding of the bill. For too long America has been subjected to constant new taxes, gun restrictions, and strangling regulations. An old African proverb reads “When the elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.” Is it not time for America to stand up to the government and say “We have had enough!”? It is time for Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians and everyone in between to say “NO” to this law that could have catastrophic effects on the economy, and on our freedoms.



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