High Stakes for NY Mayoral Election

Its becoming clear that as silly and unimpressive the democratic candidate field for New York mayor seemed the stakes for New York and the nation are high. The Republican candidate Joseph Lhota is a man with a good track record under “America’s mayor” Rudy Giuliani he served as deputy mayor. He also served as chairman of the M.T.A. On the other side however the Democratic party nominated an individual known for radical leftist ties, class warfare and racism. The stakes could not be clearer a continuation of the safety of Giuliani, lower crime and a smaller more responsible government or Bill De Blasio and a divided less clean and less safe New York.

When even the New York Times, not exactly a bastion of conservative thought is questioning a candidates ties there should be cause for concern. In a recent article, it became clear Bill De Blasio supported Nicaragua’s Sandinista party a radical extremist group. De Blasio who has made his campaign about racial and class division admired the radical revolutionaries of Latin America. In 1990 De Blasio said his vision of society is “democratic socialism” This should be concerning to all Americans who cherish the ideals of America’s founding and do not want Socialism. De Blasio is clearly tied to radical leftists and has a socialist ideology. The choice for New Yorkers should be clear. New York has had a mayor in the past David Dinkins who let Black rioters in Crown Heights intimidate and terrorize the Jewish community in Crown Heights in one of the worst riots in New York history. A return to the days of mob rule and radical class warfare would be a mistake.

While the mayor election may seem like a small election New York plays an important role in this country and it would be bad for America if New York came under socialist rule. It would have a disastrous effect on the economy encouraging business to close or leave New York and would inevitably in the absence of stop and frisk and other common sense police measures lead to an increase in crime. Furthermore government dependency would most likely increase which would have a negative effect on the entire nation. Voters come election day should send a clear message no to class warfare no to socialism and no to big government. Vote Joe Lhota for a more efficient and smaller government and for someone who is experienced and will fight for all New Yorkers not just certain income groups or classes.



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